A Fun & Lively Skirt

It was a beautiful day today, as the rains ceased and the sun awoke from its slumber. This young lady was definitely feeling the joy as she walked by me with a huge smile. The black leather motorcycle jacket and black scoop neck tee match the black leggings and the black, open-top military boots. The lack of color in the rest of the ensemble is overshadowed, however, by the lively, ruffled skirt. The red and blue number has enough color and pizzaz to make even the darkest of outfits come to life.

Unique Style In Canes Colors

As a University of Miami Alum I bleed orange and green, which makes me predisposed to liking this outfit. The orange blazer is a great spring color. The green wide leg pants are lightweight and airy. The cuff allows for them to sit on top of the platform sandals, without dragging on the floor. The white deep v tank is another great piece for the warm spring days, and gives a solid background to the large chandelier necklace hanging down its center. This woman has a unique look and great personal style, which makes her a standout, especially in orange and green.

Pull A Little Color Out Of Your Bag

Accessories are a great way to add a little spunk to an outfit.  Scarves, hats, belts, or in this case handbags, can add color or texture to an otherwise simple outfit.

While it can sometimes be a task to locate your belongings inside of them, handbags are an easy addition to any outfit. This woman wears a long sleeve shirt dress, with a black colorblock bottom. Below this dress she has tucked her blue jeans into black, knee high riding boots. Around her neck the snow leopard print scarf adds a nice pattern to the outfit. While this is a very nice outfit, it is void of color. The handbag changes this by adding a bold red into the mix, creating a spritely statement.

This young girl favors solid backs and whites. The classic leather motorcycle jacket adds a rebellious touch to the short black skirt. The white lace button down adds texture and contrast between the jacket’s lapels. The eye-catcher of this ensemble, however, is the orange leather bag she has around her left shoulder.

This young lady has gone with a more casual, earthy look. The charcoal jeans are tucked into a black pair of riding boots, but when paired with the jean jacket and side braided ponytail, they form a more rural cowgirl look. The waist cut of the jean jacket creates a layered look as the beige, open knit sweater comes through the bottom. Though this outfit has color, they are very earthy and dull. It takes a bold red handbag to add some life to this get up.

These outfits have a lot of style to them, just lack color.  The handbags give them a bold infusion of color, and help to accentuate their style.

True Blue Accent

This young lady has provided us with another example of how one powerful item can make an entire ensemble. The black leggings, with leather patches, have a great style to them. They go extremely well with the black motorcycle boots, black leather, waterfall front jacket, and polished black handbag. While black dominates this outfit, it is the royal blue polyester blouse, which brings it to life and catches the eye.

Showing Off That Beach Body In The Streets Of New York

This is a very simple and relaxed outfit. The bold blue bell bottom jeans accentuate her thighs and all but cover her wedge sandals as they drape over them. The very lightweight tank looks extremely comfortable and airy, and the tan colorin plays well with the rich blue of the jeans and the long gold chain. Underneath the semi-sheer tank with its low hanging scoop neck is a black halter bikini top, which keeps her covered and extremely casual.

Black & White Bloomingdale’s Shopper

You can’t go wrong with a simple black and white color scheme. The neutral, tan, ballet flats fit right in. The black, 3/4 sleeve, cardigan matches her black skinny jeans, jacket and bag. The sheer white blouse is covered in small black polka dots, and topped off with a long, lightweight scarf, held together by a small hair clip.

Slim Fit Business Casual

A simple business casual outfit done well. This man strays from the simple black slacks or khakis and opts for a red pair of slim fit jeans. The black suede shoes are a nice compliment, which helps to ground the jean’s bold color, while the orange belt adds a nice accent to an already colorful pair of pants. The fitted, blue striped dress shirt continues the form fitted look and goes well with both the pants and the colorful paisley tie running down its center.

Strong Shoulder For Today’s Strong Woman

This outfit is perfect for the young professional. The Black leggings and black wedge riding boots are new age dress casual. The grey blazer with strong shoulders, has a tight fit that accentuates a narrow waist. The colorblocked, polyester shirt, adds a good amount of color, when popping through the blazer’s opening. These items are all office worthy with a dash of fashion forward design.

Refined, Fun & Fashionable

A very elegant ensemble. The white shirt with an asymmetrical colorblock handkerchief hem looks pristine. The animal print skirt underneath gives a pop of pattern, when exposed. The silver and gold platform heels are fancy and go extremely well with the pieces of jewelry that embellish the ensemble. The tight up-do and big rimless sunglasses add to the elegance of her aura.

A Detailed Surprise

This is the type of outfit, which from a far doesn’t catch your eye, but as it comes closer you begin to fall in love with. The detail in the outfit outshines the earth tone color scheme. The olive drab cargo pants have a feminine fit to them as they are tucked into those wedge booties, styled with rippled leather. The knit collarless cardigan is a tan color, which works very well with the olive drab pants, but the best part of the outfit lies underneath it. The white tank is adorned with designs of gold sequins that shine when they catch the daylight, creating an eye catching display.