Jimi Hendrix Reincarnate

This musician has an artistically retro look, reminiscent of a young Jimi Hendrix. Around the collar of his white button down, he wears a uniquely tied, brown cravat. Atop the dress shirt is a bold, red vest from The Brooklyn Circus. His black dress pants have clean lines and sit just above his patent leather shoes, leaving room for his red socks to show through. Underneath his crushed trilby hat resides a well-manicured Afro and a scruffy goatee. Over his shoulder rests a soft bodied guitar case, in which he keeps his instrument of choice.

Formal Athletic Wear

Today is the official start of Summer. Meteorologists have pegged this Summer Solstice as the hottest day of the year so far. While dressing to combat this scorcher you should show as much skin as is appropriate for your environment. As this man shows, you do not need to stick to the norm, and can invent an outfit that is both weather appropriate and stylish. His short, dress shorts and vest are not something you see paired with athletic socks and shoes, but allow him to remain comfortable in this extreme heat.

Irv Da Phenom In NYC

Straight out of Kansas City, Kansas, this gentleman is no stranger to rockin’ his own style. Going by the name Irv Da Phenom, this rapper has graced stages around the world representing his own label Def Metal Gospel (DMG).
I caught him on the streets in SoHo, after an interview with MTV, sporting a pair of grey jeans bloused over the top of unbuckled tanker boots. Over his white Irv Da Phenom shirt, he rocked a cut off sleeve jean vest and a fringed scarf around his neck. He had on a pair of futuristic, white shades to top off the look.
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Double Denim Jackets

You usually don’t see anyone wearing two jean jackets in the late Spring, but this guy pulls it off. The white collar is flared over the red Opening Ceremony jean jacket. The rolled up striped denim sleeves help to show off the big gold watch dangling around his left wrist. His blue, white and grey striped shirt hangs down below the bottom of the jean jackets, creating a patterned waistline. The black skinny jeans are worn over the top of white high-top Comme des Garcons sneakers. The black pork pie hat provides a unique way to top off this outfit.

Pocket Square & Boutonniere

This young gentleman is a snazzy dresser. The combination of the slim fit jeans and tassel loafers looks sharp; however his personal style comes across in the upper half of the outfit. The hot pink polo is an exciting pop, exploding from underneath the European cut, herringbone blazer. The addition of the rose boutonniere and leopard print pocket square makes this outfit complete, leaving him looking suave and unique.

TREND ALERT: Orange Pants, All The Rage

Spring is a time for colors.  One color in particular has been standing out as a favorite for pants.  Orange pants seem to be popping up everywhere and in a multitude of styles.

This lady has paired her orange skinny jeans with a pair of python pumps. Above the pants the style does not cease, with a ruffled, navy, button up blouse underneath a navy blazer with green and black horizontal stripes. The gold chains and pendants hanging outside the blouse and the grey Céline tote are great additions to this outfit.

This woman also sports a pair of orange skinny jeans and adorns them with a black leather belt; the silver scaled flats below are a stylish accessory as well. The white deep V blouse adds a neutral color to the bold jeans and is also very easy to wear in the spring heat. The silken shawl adds a bit of color and a nice pattern to the rest of the outfit.

This is a very refined outfit perfect for the office or the streets. The wide leg, orange pants have a loose fit, making them very airy and comfortable. The white button down, tucked into the pants’ wide waistband adds a dressier feel to the outfit, while the light coloring is perfect for the upcoming summer. The tan, soft leather blazer is another fashion forward item, perfect for the independent businesswoman. The black leather handbag is simple and elegant, making it an ideal addition to this ensemble.

Here we have a male addition to this list. This young photographer has on a pair of straight leg, orange jeans, atop a pair of red running shoes. The neutral, grey sweater is a great combination, which does not take away from the color of the pants or shoes. The collared shirt underneath is adorned with a plaid bow tie, which is becoming a hot accessory for young men these days. The navy jacket with a fur-lined hood helps to keep him warm, while working quite well with the grey coloring of the sweater.

The Green Jeans

The contrast between the green skinny jeans and white button down really makes this outfit work. Both items are crisp and clean, solid colors, which makes them standout, distinctly, from one another. The extremely clean, white Puma sneakers are a great addition, flanking the green jeans from both sides. The Louis Vuitton messenger bag goes well with the clean look of this outfit and is a very stylish and convenient way in which to carry one’s belongings.

The Vintage Rocker

There is nothing new in this man’s outfit, but the aged items work well to pull off a Rock n’ Roll look. His skinny, black cargo jeans are tucked into the tops of brown suede ankle boots. His purple, plaid flannel button down is rough from wear, yet sits relaxed atop his shoulders. Below this flannel is an old white t-shirt covered with holes around its edges. The graphic on it is so worn, that only a few letters remain visible. His salt and pepper scruff and long curls are tucked underneath a purple top hat that finishes off the Rock n’ Roll vibe.

The Classic Gentleman

This gentleman has an extraordinarily clean look. From his hair down to his shoes there is nothing that seems out of place. The light grey blazer and white button down are perfect items for staying formal in the Spring and Summer months. The dark blue, plaid dress pants are amazing, and are cuffed just above his black leather shoes with blue soles. The blue pocket square brings the entire outfit together and, along with the umbrella, makes this man look very classy.

The Young Writer

This weekend was the famous Outdoor Art Exhibit in Washington Square Park. This young writer sat on a bench, enjoying the weather and the festivities around him. He has a very artsy style, with black skinny jeans and black All Star high tops. His vertical striped button down adds a bit of color and the bowler hat adds a nice touch of vintage appeal.