Black Border Between Colors

A colorful outfit is always enjoyable. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but it also makes you feel and look warmer. Sometimes two strong colors don’t converge well, even though they go together. This woman has taken this into consideration and divided the two colorful pieces with a thick black belt. The belt works as a buffer zone, hiding the junction where to green blouse and yellow skirt come together. The black belt, blazer and stockings also give the colors some contrast from which to stand out.

Some Pops For That Little Sweater Dress

On a chilly, early spring day a sweater dress is a great way to keep warm and look good. This young lady wears a long sleeve sweater dress in a light brown earth tone. Underneath she wears a pair of black leggings hidden in knee high, dark brown riding boots. The black motorcycle jacket allows the skirt and cuffs of the sweater dress to show through, creating a nice layering effect.

Accessories are a great way to add color to an outfit. Neutral colors are an easy platform on which to add colorful pieces. The royal blue, jersey scarf and red shoulder bag are two bold colors, but work nicely together to add accents to a neutral outfit.

Red, White & No More Blues

White is a very graceful color. The color of angels is always inviting and beautiful. To create an outstanding outfit, this woman paired her white pants and trench, with a red pop of color. The result is magnificent. The button down shirt, scarf and beret create work together to form an eye catching accent, especially when enveloped in all white.

Fur, Feathers & Fun

I could not pass this opportunity up. I saw her across the street and immediately rushed that way. I think it was the red skinny jeans that caught my eye, but the smile was definitely the magnet that pulled me in.

The sneaker wedges are incredible. The red on them matches the pants, but the design alone is definitely urban, with a touch of class.

The combination of a long black wrap, black undershirt, and black vest creates subtle layers that can be seen contrasting with the bright red pants. The vest is an exquisite item as it is not only fur (or faux fur) but is embellished with brown and black feathers, allowing it to stand out from the all black items underneath it.

Black & White Stripes

This young lady has a great outfit. The tight, black and white striped dress has a great length and fit. The knee-high riding boots add a contrast to the short length of the dress. The black blazer is form fitting and its rolled cuffs, show the black and white striped lining, which plays extremely well with the dress.

Color Blocking At Its Finest

I really didn't know how important color is until today's bleak scenery showed me. The art of color blocking is perfected by this lovely redhead. Her red polka dotted pants are rolled up to ankle length, revealing her amazing multicolor polka dotted sneakers. Her green belted trench and bright orange handbag are the only two solid color items in the ensemble. Her black and white striped, fingerless gloves add the only strong lines on the outfit, but the scarf ties right into the polka dot motif.

A Colorful Sight For Sore Eyes

Grey skies covered New York City today.  With intermittent rain showers and cold winds blowing throughout the day, New Yorkers bundled back up in their winter wear.  Walking through Midtown was depressing, not just because it was a cold, rainy, Monday, but because of the lack of color.  Where is it written that when it rains you can’t wear color?  The masses moved together, like a flood of black down Fifth Avenue, which made this young lady stand out as a sight for sore eyes.

Her bright orange coat and royal blue color give a grey day a little color.