Polka Dots & Pearls

This is a very busy outfit, with a 1940’s feel. The white head scarf with black polka dots, looks like something from Rosie the Riveter’s wardrobe. The horn rimmed sunglasses, pearl necklace, and black over shirt, with white polka dots, look like items from my grandmother’s closet (I am not saying that they do not look good, but that is just what comes to mind when i see them). These items are brought into the present with contemporary pieces such as the bracelets on her left arm, and the bold red jean shorts. The white lace blouse is a nice touch and lies somewhere between past and present.

6 thoughts on “Polka Dots & Pearls

  1. The top half certainly does have a throwback vintage feel, but unfortunately, the jean shorts ruined the look (just an opinion, of course).

      1. Yes, they do provide a nice pop of color. Would have loved to see a nice skirt or some pants with soft drape.

  2. Neat idea for a blog! I hope I’m not caught in your lens though, lol! I had an older woman tell me once, “I admire you. You wear anything. You don’t care what people think.” How should I have taken that? lol

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