Business Woman Classic

This is a very office friendly look. The Navy blazer goes extremely well with the light blue dress shirt underneath it. The white pants finish the transition from dark to light. On the bottom the color scheme comes full circle with the navy heels. Great color interaction in this outfit.

Tall, Dark & Extremely Suave

The men's overcoat is a versatile item to have in a wardrobe. Not only does it keep you warm and dry, but it also allows you to wear just about anything underneath. This gentleman wears his camel hair overcoat with black, pinstripe dress pants and brown leather shoes. Around his neck he wears a dark colored, checkered scarf. The rest of him is hidden underneath the long, but very classy coat. The hands in the pockets and dark aviators, creates a very suave appearance.

My Nominations For The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Annika Ritter for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award her site is

I have nominated 15 deserving bloggers for this award.  All of them are great blogs I suggest you check out.

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The Best Outfit Of The Weekend

I absolutely love this outfit. From the interplay of colors and patterns, to the skin left exposed, it certainly is a lot to take in, but well worth it. The high waisted, lace capri pants are amazing. They are cut at the right length, as to not interfere with the gold glitter covered shoes. The black floral tank, leaves a small sliver of midriff exposed and its low cut neck shows off a generous amount of skin, without being inappropriate. The black and white striped, wrap jacket adds an intense pattern to the outfit but works well with the other colors.

The golden accessories are a great addition to this outfit and go extremely well with the gold shoes. The medallion on its long chain, both in gold, is a great length when paired with the tank and jacket. The gold spiked bracelet adds a punk chic aspect to the outfit, while doubling as a weapon. The oversized sunglasses are a great way to keep her intentions and expressions shrouded in mystery.

Dressy Black Jeans

A pair of nicely fitted black jeans are great for when you want to feel casual and look formal. If you pair them with with black shoes and a black blazer it looks very clean. A light colored shirt and pocket square help to give the outfit some depth.

Fur, Feathers & Fun

I could not pass this opportunity up. I saw her across the street and immediately rushed that way. I think it was the red skinny jeans that caught my eye, but the smile was definitely the magnet that pulled me in.

The sneaker wedges are incredible. The red on them matches the pants, but the design alone is definitely urban, with a touch of class.

The combination of a long black wrap, black undershirt, and black vest creates subtle layers that can be seen contrasting with the bright red pants. The vest is an exquisite item as it is not only fur (or faux fur) but is embellished with brown and black feathers, allowing it to stand out from the all black items underneath it.

The Island Vibe Is Alive In The Big Apple

The New York City and Caribbean lifestyles could not be further apart. This man keeps it cool on a bicycle, while dealing with the rough New York traffic. His brown leather docksiders go well with the pink pastel straight leg jeans, cuffed just above them. The grey denim button down is relaxed, with its sleeve rolled, showing off its white lining. The large dark sunglasses keep the midday sun from destroying his eyes, while the long flowing hair with tight curls helps to keep that island vibe present in the Big Apple.

Black & White Stripes

This young lady has a great outfit. The tight, black and white striped dress has a great length and fit. The knee-high riding boots add a contrast to the short length of the dress. The black blazer is form fitting and its rolled cuffs, show the black and white striped lining, which plays extremely well with the dress.

Keep ‘Em Rolled Up

There's no need for a tailor these days. The go-to move instead, is to roll or cuff your clothes. This young man, waiting for a walk sign, does just that. His chinos are rolled up to just above his hiking boots (the red laces are a nice touch). the sleeves on his denim over shirt are rolled, creating a 3/4 length look. Underneath the denim he has a charcoal v-neck which shows a little of his chest tattoo.