Dressy Black Jeans

A pair of nicely fitted black jeans are great for when you want to feel casual and look formal. If you pair them with with black shoes and a black blazer it looks very clean. A light colored shirt and pocket square help to give the outfit some depth.

Fur, Feathers & Fun

I could not pass this opportunity up. I saw her across the street and immediately rushed that way. I think it was the red skinny jeans that caught my eye, but the smile was definitely the magnet that pulled me in.

The sneaker wedges are incredible. The red on them matches the pants, but the design alone is definitely urban, with a touch of class.

The combination of a long black wrap, black undershirt, and black vest creates subtle layers that can be seen contrasting with the bright red pants. The vest is an exquisite item as it is not only fur (or faux fur) but is embellished with brown and black feathers, allowing it to stand out from the all black items underneath it.

Blonde In Black On Broadway

The all black outfit was out in full force today. This lady apparently got the memo, but wanted to stray a little. Her black leggings are tucked into her black, slouch cowboy boots. Her handbag, other than its silver studs is made completely of black leather. However, we are able to catch a peak of her grey sweater, hidden beneath her fringed, black poncho. The black poncho does work well as a contrast, as her blonde hair cascades over her shoulders.