Grand Opening: Ted Baker’s Fifth Avenue Flagship

Last week Ted Baker opened the doors to its new flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue.  Referred to as “Ted’s Grand House” this beautifully constructed, three story space showcases the fine clothing and accessories of the British company.

As part of the celebration, the store was stocked outside and in with butlers and maids, carrying on in old-fashioned, London attire.  Here are a few pictures from the theatrical day:

The Head House Maid with her fellow domestics outside the Fifth Avenue store.

The Head House Maid in all her glory.

Two more domestics holding the doors and handing out flyers.

Service with a smile at Ted’s Grand House.




Great Shoes From The RachelChris Photo Shoot!

Yesterday I worked with RachelChris to photograph some of their exclusive New Yorkers. One young woman was sporting these Ivanka Trump “Pinkish” rose gold pumps. They were so great I just had to take a picture of them.
Check out

A White Hot Mystery

One does not usually associate a white outfit with a mysterious look, but this young lady shows us its not only those guys in black who want to remain a mystery. Although her face is hidden in the shadow of a large black and white sun hat and oversized sunglasses, the white outfit creates a peaceful demeanor. The white placket blouse has its sleeves rolled up high, and its waist trimmed with a thin gold belt. The shirt hangs loose below the belt, all but covering her white cutoff jean shorts. The shorts leave an ample amount of leg visible, while the platform heels work to keep them looking toned.

Monday Tip: Pajama Chic

Oh shucks! It’s another Monday; the most dreaded day of the week. Coming off that lazy weekend is truly a bummer, but it’s time to be a productive member of society again. While your energy is still on the beach or by the pool, you can take a tip from this young woman. Her simple outfit is relaxed and easy, but still looks great. The combination of the sheer, wide leg pants and open-toe booties says “I want to be relaxed, without sacrificing my style.” She has rolled the waist of the pants to reveal the black undershorts, and tied the back of her white tank to create a custom fit. The wayfarer sunglasses are a perfect accessory to guard those sleepy, Monday eyes, until you are fully alert.

TREND ALERT: Jumpsuits Suit This Summer

Jumpsuits are very trendy this Summer, and it seems the more intricate the pattern, the better.

This first woman wears a tank jumpsuit with a plunging V neckline, and a black and white splatter pattern. She wears a copper Renoir cuff belt that helps to keep the loose fabric tight around her waist. The legs of the jumpsuit sit dangling above the ankle, where the black t-strap sandals start. The copper belt adds a balanced touch of color to this black and white outfit, as do her manicure and pedicure.

This young lady takes a break from her day to check her phone, while sitting on the back stoop of the Equinox SoHo. Her spaghetti strap jumpsuit isn’t void of color or pattern. The purple background is a vibrant color, and allows for the tan tiger stripes to pop. The gold necklace with turquoise inlays helps to dazzle her soft swooping neckline. Her belt, bag and flats are all of matching brown leather. This uniform, neutral, color scheme helps to keep the emphasis on her lively jumpsuit.

A Whole Lot Of Lace

It is rare that I come across a single item, so show stopping as this overlay, but today I was lucky. This young woman wears a scalloped lace, maxi overlay, with three quarter sleeves and a lace ruffle around the neck. Underneath the black lace lies a simple, skintight slip keeping her covered. The leather belt with caramel colored details, gathers the fabric at the waist creating a nice ripple effect, while thinning out her waistline. Her tribal print, lace-up booties are another beautiful addition to this ensemble, standing out below the lace. The tribal-style, coral necklace is a contrasting decoration to the lace neckline that gives the outfit a little more personality.

Modern In Black & White

This young woman plays with today’s trends to create a classically colored outfit. The white cotton tank is perfect for these summer months; its light color and airy construction make it easy to wear. The tank is tucked into a black lace maxi, creating a bold waistline. The lace has a floral and heart design, and the solid mini skirt underneath keeps it airy and appropriate. Her black toe loop, gladiator sandals are a great addition to this outfit and go well with her leather backpack. The silver, nail head cuff around her bicep is a fun and stylish accent, while the blood red manicure and pedicure adds a little color to this monochromatic outfit.

Cat Eyes & Ink

I found this young woman sitting on a stoop in SoHo. She has an elegant style, but there is a rebellious air about her, maybe it’s the tattoos. The sheer, cream-colored blouse with its white polka dots is a very classic piece, yet the rolled sleeves reveal a lion rampant tattooed cuff on her wrist. The black jeggings she is wearing also have a classic color with a modern construction. The tan wedge sandals go very well with the shirt, and allow her to show off her metallic blue pedicure. The swooping bangs of her up-do help to frame her piercing blue eyes accentuated by the cat eye eyeliner.

Not Your Grandmother’s Fourth Of July Outfits

The Fourth of July is a special day that commemorates our independence from the British Empire.  It has become a day for family gatherings, BBQ’s, parties, and, of course, sporting patriotic outfits.  American pride was alive today on the streets of New York City as we remembered what our forefathers did nearly 250 years ago.

The captain not only showed his American pride, but his Gay Pride as well.

There is nothing more american than cutoff jean shorts, especially when paired with a red white and blue tie dye tank.

The American Flag makes a very nice shirt, just ask Abby Hoffman or this skater girl.

American Flag leggings are fun, just don’t expect them to wave in the breeze.

A Patriotic Outfit For The Fourth Of July

Summer is the perfect time to play around with your colors. This young lady puts together a very patriotic outfit using shades of red, white and blue. The light blue tank is a very calming color, and helps to pop the orange beaded necklace draped in front of it. The jersey midi skirt has stripes of red and white, just like the American flag. The wide, woven belt creates a strong barrier between the tank and the skirt, and goes well with the woven tote. The tote just screams “beach,” especially when worn with the teal t-strap sandals and large sunglasses.