TREND ALERT: Jumpsuits Suit This Summer

Jumpsuits are very trendy this Summer, and it seems the more intricate the pattern, the better.

This first woman wears a tank jumpsuit with a plunging V neckline, and a black and white splatter pattern. She wears a copper Renoir cuff belt that helps to keep the loose fabric tight around her waist. The legs of the jumpsuit sit dangling above the ankle, where the black t-strap sandals start. The copper belt adds a balanced touch of color to this black and white outfit, as do her manicure and pedicure.

This young lady takes a break from her day to check her phone, while sitting on the back stoop of the Equinox SoHo. Her spaghetti strap jumpsuit isn’t void of color or pattern. The purple background is a vibrant color, and allows for the tan tiger stripes to pop. The gold necklace with turquoise inlays helps to dazzle her soft swooping neckline. Her belt, bag and flats are all of matching brown leather. This uniform, neutral, color scheme helps to keep the emphasis on her lively jumpsuit.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?

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