Distressed & Wrinkled

The heat of Summer is the perfect excuse to show off your legs. This young lady’s distressed jean shorts, with their high waist and cut off bottoms, leave a lot of “leg room” when paired with a low cut, wingtip heel. The loose fitting, light weight, wrinkled blouse tucked into the shorts’ studded waistband has a Renaissance feel, but is brought back to the contemporary with the addition of her dark wayfarer sunglasses and leather messenger bag.

The Off Duty Tennis Pro

This young lady sports a simple, yet elegant outfit. She wears an emerald green sweater, soft and well fitted. Below the sweater is a pair of navy, pleated shorts, with a scalloped trim. On her feet she wears nude flats that help to create, along with the short shorts, an elongated looking leg. The messy bun and dark Ray Ban sunglasses add a carefree touch to this colorblocked outfit.

Country Chic

This young woman channels her inner cowgirl on 14th St at Union Square. Her distressed, high-waisted, white jean shorts are hip and perfect for the Summer heat. The pairing of the shorts and her tan, suede cowgirl boots creates a very stylish, southern look. The black tank, topped with a navy scarf, provides a strong contrast to the shorts it’s tucked into. To top off the look she uses a silver and turquoise belt buckle emblazoned with none other than a Texas Longhorn.

Overalls Cover Less

Overalls are aptly named because they cover your body from head to toe, but not this pair. Made for the hot summer days, these overalls are cut short and cuffed to reveal her bare legs. The blue stonewash exterior is pretty common, but this young girl drops a strap to reveal a conductor stripe lining. Underneath the overalls is the star of the outfit, a white bra top adorned with gold studs. The gold T-strap sandals match the studs, and help show off her neon nail polish. This is a fun and comfortable outfit that is also extremely flirty, without being too revealing.

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TREND ALERT: Denim Shirt, Tan Skirt

Blue and tan are two colors that go well together, just like earth and sky.  These two young women have paired them together to create simple, yet tasteful outfits.

This young woman sports a light-wash denim button down, which is left unbuttoned down to her waist revealing a white cotton scoop neck tee. The shirts are held tightly in the waistband of her tan, pleated, ankle-length skirt, with a braided, brown leather belt. Her tan wedge sandals and bleach splattered denim bag are relaxed accessories that help to make this a casual, yet chic, outfit.

This young woman is wearing a denim button down with a western design. The open buttons and spread collar reveal a navy tank and the blue stones of her necklace. The abundance of blue in the top half of this outfit helps to give her blue eyes a bit of a pop. The shirt is tucked into the elastic waistband of a tan, pleated midi skirt, flowing atop a pair of brown leather wedges. The emerald leather bag adds another earth tone to the outfit, keeping it grounded.

Jimi Hendrix Reincarnate

This musician has an artistically retro look, reminiscent of a young Jimi Hendrix. Around the collar of his white button down, he wears a uniquely tied, brown cravat. Atop the dress shirt is a bold, red vest from The Brooklyn Circus. His black dress pants have clean lines and sit just above his patent leather shoes, leaving room for his red socks to show through. Underneath his crushed trilby hat resides a well-manicured Afro and a scruffy goatee. Over his shoulder rests a soft bodied guitar case, in which he keeps his instrument of choice.

A Refined Statement Of Luxury

Hermés handbags are a world-renowned sign of luxury. In 1935 this style, later named the Kelly bag, after the actress Grace Kelly, was introduced and has remained a statement of wealth to this day. This elegant woman has paired her Kelly bag with a pristine, white outfit. Her white slim fitted pants, with a dotted texture, sit atop a pair of open-toed leopard pumps. She wears a white lace blouse, with frayed edges tucked into her wide leather belt with white detailing. Over the lace she wears a plush, off white wrap, flowing around her legs. Her gold jewelry matches, perfectly, the hardware on the bag and accentuates her already refined look.

Confidence Personified

This young lady is a star, walking the streets like she owns them. Her style just screams confidence. She has a lot going on in this outfit, starting with the growling mouth on her cutoff tee. The tee is bloused over the waistband of her grey mullet skirt, with an overlapping, swooping waterfall design. The skirt, maxi length in back, still allows for her black, platform ankle booties to standout. She is decked out in accessories, most notably the leopard shoulder bag, hanging at her side. Her left wrist and hand are covered in large, eye-catching statement pieces, which go really well with the medallion around her neck. The bold, red lipstick is the perfect way to finish off a confident look like this, allowing her to dominate the streets.

A Hot Halter Top

This is a show-stopping top. From bebe, this silk halter with a paisley pattern and contrast trim is truly stunning. This young lady pairs it with a pair of pink pastel shorts, which go extremely well with the coloring of the top. Her black Valentino thong sandals, with big black bows are fun and perfect for the heat of summer. Her matching lilac manicure and pedicure are an added pop of color that goes with the colors of the top as well.

Cool Mint

Mint is a very popular shade right now. This young lady wears a mint, sleeveless dress with a deep v neckline. The black sash tied in a bow around her waist really helps to make the dress look superb. Her minimalist necklace is the perfect accessory for this open neckline, without looking too overdone. The two-tone heels are very fashionable, but their neutral colors don’t take away from the power of the dress. The black messenger bag works well with the sash, and breaks up the solid dress just a tiny bit more.