Confidence Personified

This young lady is a star, walking the streets like she owns them. Her style just screams confidence. She has a lot going on in this outfit, starting with the growling mouth on her cutoff tee. The tee is bloused over the waistband of her grey mullet skirt, with an overlapping, swooping waterfall design. The skirt, maxi length in back, still allows for her black, platform ankle booties to standout. She is decked out in accessories, most notably the leopard shoulder bag, hanging at her side. Her left wrist and hand are covered in large, eye-catching statement pieces, which go really well with the medallion around her neck. The bold, red lipstick is the perfect way to finish off a confident look like this, allowing her to dominate the streets.

One thought on “Confidence Personified

  1. I love this outfit! Your eye goes all over on this outfit– and definetly not in a bad way! Sometimes oversized, flowy, jewelry, prints, and super high heels can be way too much but I must say it looks amazing on this outfit! My favorite part is those shoes, I cannot stop looking at them. They’re edgy and fabulous and totally make the outfit. Great street style find!

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