Buttoned Up Tight

This blonde’s sun-kissed skin goes perfectly with the light mocha color of her button front dress. The sleeveless bodice, with white lace inlays on the shoulders, is buttoned all the way to the top, leaving the collar tight around her neck. The skirt is rippled at the seam, and falls just below mid-thigh. Her boots are incredible, their open toe and cutout sides are a strong contrast from what you would normally expect from a lace up boot. The gold necklace is a thing of beauty, with its intricate, independently moving pieces and textures. Her tortoise shell Ray Ban wayfarers hide her eyes, while the strawberry lipstick gives her lips a strong pop.

The Highest Hair In Union Square

The steps of Union Square are a great place to find unique individuals. This young man pulls out his inner Kid ‘n Play, imitating Kid’s signature hi-top haircut. His friend even helps to pick it out for him.

Rompin’ Around NYC

This outfit has a classic appeal. The black romper, with white polka dots, is a nice piece that is easy to wear during the Summer heat waves. The boat neck leaves a good amount of collarbone showing, while the black blazer helps to frame it perfectly. The black pumps are a classic addition, matching the other items in the ensemble. The opal, teardrop earrings are a nice pop from under her strawberry blonde locks and are accompanied by a bold red shade of lipstick.

Light Colors, Light Fabrics

This young woman pulls off a great ensemble. The light colors play extremely well with her fair skin and long blonde hair to create a naturally stunning look. The lace tank, with its little breast pocket, is bloused over the top of a wide, elastic belt. Flowing out from beneath the belt is a sky blue maxi with a mullet hemline. The suede cowboy booties are very cute, and add a nice touch of style under the sky blue skirt.

Great Shoes From The RachelChris Photo Shoot!

Yesterday I worked with RachelChris to photograph some of their exclusive New Yorkers. One young woman was sporting these Ivanka Trump “Pinkish” rose gold pumps. They were so great I just had to take a picture of them.
Check out RachelChris.com

A Halston-esque Caftan

This caftan’s simplicity only adds to its appeal. The cut is extremely flattering even though it is so loose. The color scheme, with the sharp, upward angle convergence opposes the deep v neckline leaving the hot pink top draping like a peek-a-boo babydoll. The dolman sleeves give the caftan a full-bodies unity and create an enormous amount of play in the fabric. Her choice to accessorize with neutral black items is a good one, allowing them to standout from the dress without taking away from its wonder.

Tomboy Chic

This is a great summertime outfit. The relaxed, everyday pieces are bolstered by unique personal style, creating a tomboy chic ensemble. She wears the Michael Jordan jersey in a casual yet flirtatious way, turning a tomboy item into a provocative head-turner. The Jersey hangs just low enough to all but cover her jean shorts that match the denim vest, which encases the world famous number 23. She is showing off her American pride with the weathered canvas tote, just in time for the Olympic opening ceremonies. Her suede ankle booties, with their fringed design only add to the style of the outfit, just like the skimmer hat with the red ribbon around it.

A Colorful Cover Up

The color on this cover up makes it a standout, but it how she wears it and pairs it with accessories that makes it a great ensemble. The gold collar necklace is the perfect compliment for the deep-v neckline. She pairs the necklace with large gold hoop earrings, tying her hair up to make sure they stand out. The python print, cross body bag is small, but adds a slight accent to the colorful cover up. The white tassel sandals are a perfect neutral color, as to not take away from the colors above it. She even matches her iPhone case to the dominant color in the cover up.

Romeo & Juliet: SoHo Street Style

The star-crossed couple takes their unique variety of romance to the streets of SoHo. Romeo is dressed in a pair of power jeans lying atop brown dress shoes. A loose fitting navy blazer covers his loose grey t-shirt. His love sits upon a ledge wearing a pair of python print leggings underneath a pink tulle dress. They discuss their ill-fated relationship over a bottle of San Pellegrino and Sushi.

The Simple Elegance Of Colorblocking

It’s always wonderful to find a stylish individual wearing something modern with an elegant feel. This young lady has created a beautiful ensemble with clean lines and solid colors. Her white, sleeveless blouse, with the unbuttoned collar, has a loose fitting body, which is complimented superbly by the tight, cropped waistband. The rust, high-waisted maxi skirt, made from a stretch jersey material, is easy enough to wear tucked underneath the blouse. Her black ribbon wedges are a nice, contrasting neutral color at the hemline of the skirt. The turquoise Marc Jacobs satchel is a bold pop of color against the outfit’s earth tones, and goes extraordinarily well with her beautiful chandelier opal earrings.