A True Individual

This young man has a carefree aura oozing out of him. From head to toe he is truly an individual. He sports a worn denim button up with the sleeves rolled up, atop a low hanging scoop neck tee. The cropped, patchwork pants have a wandering seam and are filled with both color and texture. On his feet is a pair of intricately woven loafers that somehow fit in with the rest of the eclectic ensemble. The gold nose ring goes perfectly with his gold necklace, watch and bracelets, while still playing off his plethora of tattoos. The undercut hairstyle, with its dreaded top finishes off the look, and reveals an otherwise hidden tattoo.

Grand Opening: Ted Baker’s Fifth Avenue Flagship

Last week Ted Baker opened the doors to its new flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue.  Referred to as “Ted’s Grand House” this beautifully constructed, three story space showcases the fine clothing and accessories of the British company.

As part of the celebration, the store was stocked outside and in with butlers and maids, carrying on in old-fashioned, London attire.  Here are a few pictures from the theatrical day:

The Head House Maid with her fellow domestics outside the Fifth Avenue store.

The Head House Maid in all her glory.

Two more domestics holding the doors and handing out flyers.

Service with a smile at Ted’s Grand House.




Suspended In Time

This fine gentleman has a learned look. His dress and his demeanor remind me of a southern blues musician, maybe with a little more color. He wears a green polo shirt tucked into the waist of his pleated, khaki slacks. The loose fitting pants are held up by a set of pink suspenders, giving his top a little more color. His dark brown loafers look like they have walked many a street in their time. To top off the look he has a straw fedora on his head, and a large hardcover book in his hand.

Street Style – SoHo

Ode To My Fellow Photogs

This young woman was walking around Union Square looking for subjects to shoot. Her short sleeve dress is colored with a beautiful, abstract floral pattern and tied at the waist with a skinny, tan leather belt. She uses a 35 mm film camera, which is something not usually seen in this digital age.

These two fedora-wearing gentlemen discuss their poses after a quick set of photographs. The photographer, on the right, sports a fitted denim button down and seersucker pants over light brown loafers. His subject is Mr. Mort of MisterMort.com. Mr. Mort’s combination of the yellow button down underneath the royal blue and white sport coat is very nice and casual, especially when the seersucker shorts are added into the mix. He too sports a pair of loafers, but of a darker color.

A Smooth Operator

This gentleman has a polished yet relaxed look. His white dress shirt is crisp, but left unbuttoned to allow for air circulation. The grey sport coat fits very well and is an easy color to wear in the Summer. The dark power jeans are casual, but look very good when paired with the tucked in shirt and sport coat. The gelled hair and dark aviator sunglasses, along with the stubble, give him an air of confidence that is easy to pick up on.

Romeo & Juliet: SoHo Street Style

The star-crossed couple takes their unique variety of romance to the streets of SoHo. Romeo is dressed in a pair of power jeans lying atop brown dress shoes. A loose fitting navy blazer covers his loose grey t-shirt. His love sits upon a ledge wearing a pair of python print leggings underneath a pink tulle dress. They discuss their ill-fated relationship over a bottle of San Pellegrino and Sushi.

Salt & Pepper Debonair

Aside from this gentleman’s debonair character, the navy sport coat is the star of this picture. This double-breasted gem is lightweight and its rippled seams create a nice accent. The white pocket square perfectly matches the white shirt, which is left halfway unbuttoned. His creased khakis are an obvious choice of pant to pair with a navy blazer, and look very nice over the top of his tan chukka boots.

Street Corner Colorblocking

This young Knicks fan has put together quite the example of colorblocking. His blue jean jacket, ripped and frayed, with spikes adorning the right chest, sits atop a bold yellow Playboy t-shirt. Below the shirt is a faded red pair of slim fit jeans, tucked into the top of leopard print Adidas high-tops. The orange Knicks hat, which sits atop a white bandana, tops this outfit off with the bright team colors. The purple Urban Outfitters shopping bag adds just another color to this already colorful ensemble.

Meanwhile in Chelsea…

Chelsea, just like everywhere else in the Northeast, was extremely hot this weekend. Even for the coolest characters sweating was a problem. This young man braved the heat in long pants and a jacket, but carried with him a small towel to dab the sweat from his face. While definitely hot, his untucked, white button down looks great underneath the slim fitting black blazer. The skinny jeans have a nice colored wash and a unique trim around the ankles. The metallic silver, heel-less platform booties, sit right below the jeans, but steal the show from the rest of the outfit. Their unique design and reflective color, helps them standout regardless of the bustling city around them.

Dress Formal & Address The Heat

Formal dress is difficult in the heat of Summer, but this gentleman shows us how to do it right. The pink dress shirt stands out between the lapels of his navy sport coat, while the matching bow tie adds a little extra contrast. The white flat front slacks are easy to wear and are the perfect color for the Summer months. The brown side-buckle loafers compliment the white slacks well and are stylish, while retaining a casual side. Simply lose the sport coat and tie, to make this a perfect outfit for a casual Summer’s night out.