MOTHXR, a local New York band, wrapped up a month long tour with San Cisco July 2nd at the Bowery Ballroom.  The band has been traveling around the country and were definitely happy to be home and see their New York City fan base.  After finishing the set, with their popular hit “Easy,” front man Penn Badgley met fans downstairs to sign autographs and take pictures.  Here are a few pictures from the great performance:




































casa reale invite


The Box NYC

Ambiance – The Box was elegantly decorated to accommodate the celebrity guest list



Ambiance – The Box supplied arial acrobats to accompany the decorations for the night.



Ambiance – The Box provided a lovely menu filled with delicious dishes.



Chateau Marmont’s Anya Varda, one of Casa Reale’s brand ambassadors, enjoys herself as she settles in.


Rose McGowan

Actress and filmmaker Rose McGowan poses for a selfie before sitting down at the dinner table.


Actress Francis Fisher poses for a selfie.



Actress Francesca Eastwood poses for a picture with the president of Casa Reale.



Stylist and designer Ty Hunter with Fashion Bomb Daily’s Claire Sulmers


GRD_3264 copy

Angela Simmons wearing Casa Reale earrings.


mary j blige - 1

Mary J. Blige puts on a special, intimate performance for partygoers at The Box.


mary j blige -2

Mary J. Blige puts on a special, intimate performance for partygoers at The Box.


Mary j Blige - 3

Mary J. Blige puts on a special, intimate performance for partygoers at The Box.


Mary J Blige - 4

Mary J. Blige puts on a special, intimate performance for partygoers at The Box.

Suspended In Time

This fine gentleman has a learned look. His dress and his demeanor remind me of a southern blues musician, maybe with a little more color. He wears a green polo shirt tucked into the waist of his pleated, khaki slacks. The loose fitting pants are held up by a set of pink suspenders, giving his top a little more color. His dark brown loafers look like they have walked many a street in their time. To top off the look he has a straw fedora on his head, and a large hardcover book in his hand.

Street Style – SoHo

Chelsea’s Material Girl

This look reminds me of a young Madonna. She certainly has style, yet there is a sense of rebellion throughout the outfit. The white, off the shoulder top droops to the left to reveal a grayscale, floral tank below it. Underneath her side zip denim skirt she is wearing a pair of black leggings whose scalloped lace trim ends just above the calf. On her feet are a pair of metallic sandals, adorned with black stones that match her pedicure. The black, crocheted trilby hat is a very nice piece and helps to give her a unique and stylish look.

Let’s Get Ravey!

This young woman has a very fun and sassy look. Her short black skirt is flirty and youthful, especially when paired with the black, high top sneakers adorned with a studded strap across the laces. The black bag hanging from her shoulder matches the shoes, with its studded leather ruffles. The lace tank, with its rough trim adds an amazing amount of color to the outfit, and she pairs it flawlessly with the hot pink lipstick and nail polish. Definitely a chic play on the EDM style.

Jimi Hendrix Reincarnate

This musician has an artistically retro look, reminiscent of a young Jimi Hendrix. Around the collar of his white button down, he wears a uniquely tied, brown cravat. Atop the dress shirt is a bold, red vest from The Brooklyn Circus. His black dress pants have clean lines and sit just above his patent leather shoes, leaving room for his red socks to show through. Underneath his crushed trilby hat resides a well-manicured Afro and a scruffy goatee. Over his shoulder rests a soft bodied guitar case, in which he keeps his instrument of choice.

Irv Da Phenom In NYC

Straight out of Kansas City, Kansas, this gentleman is no stranger to rockin’ his own style. Going by the name Irv Da Phenom, this rapper has graced stages around the world representing his own label Def Metal Gospel (DMG).
I caught him on the streets in SoHo, after an interview with MTV, sporting a pair of grey jeans bloused over the top of unbuckled tanker boots. Over his white Irv Da Phenom shirt, he rocked a cut off sleeve jean vest and a fringed scarf around his neck. He had on a pair of futuristic, white shades to top off the look.
Check Irv Da Phenom @

The Vintage Rocker

There is nothing new in this man’s outfit, but the aged items work well to pull off a Rock n’ Roll look. His skinny, black cargo jeans are tucked into the tops of brown suede ankle boots. His purple, plaid flannel button down is rough from wear, yet sits relaxed atop his shoulders. Below this flannel is an old white t-shirt covered with holes around its edges. The graphic on it is so worn, that only a few letters remain visible. His salt and pepper scruff and long curls are tucked underneath a purple top hat that finishes off the Rock n’ Roll vibe.