The Vintage Rocker

There is nothing new in this man’s outfit, but the aged items work well to pull off a Rock n’ Roll look. His skinny, black cargo jeans are tucked into the tops of brown suede ankle boots. His purple, plaid flannel button down is rough from wear, yet sits relaxed atop his shoulders. Below this flannel is an old white t-shirt covered with holes around its edges. The graphic on it is so worn, that only a few letters remain visible. His salt and pepper scruff and long curls are tucked underneath a purple top hat that finishes off the Rock n’ Roll vibe.

4 thoughts on “The Vintage Rocker

  1. this guy is as worried about his image as the woman in green and man in khakis (over this shoulder) are not. Lots going on in that pic, thanks for sharing.

  2. What do you mean there is nothing new in this man outfit? I call bullshit. I bet he paid extra for the shirt to look like that. Vintage rocker my ass. More like old man pays someone to.attempt to.dress him hip

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