Irv Da Phenom In NYC

Straight out of Kansas City, Kansas, this gentleman is no stranger to rockin’ his own style. Going by the name Irv Da Phenom, this rapper has graced stages around the world representing his own label Def Metal Gospel (DMG).
I caught him on the streets in SoHo, after an interview with MTV, sporting a pair of grey jeans bloused over the top of unbuckled tanker boots. Over his white Irv Da Phenom shirt, he rocked a cut off sleeve jean vest and a fringed scarf around his neck. He had on a pair of futuristic, white shades to top off the look.
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The Vintage Rocker

There is nothing new in this man’s outfit, but the aged items work well to pull off a Rock n’ Roll look. His skinny, black cargo jeans are tucked into the tops of brown suede ankle boots. His purple, plaid flannel button down is rough from wear, yet sits relaxed atop his shoulders. Below this flannel is an old white t-shirt covered with holes around its edges. The graphic on it is so worn, that only a few letters remain visible. His salt and pepper scruff and long curls are tucked underneath a purple top hat that finishes off the Rock n’ Roll vibe.

R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.

This young woman has a very Rock n’ Roll style, with a bit of class. The black leggings are tucked into a brown pair of engineer boots. The black continues up top with a sleeveless button down shirt. The black shirt is left buttoned halfway allowing for the white tank top to show through. The American flag backpack is a fun accessory, that adds a little color to the outfit. The hairstyle is great, blunt bangs, extreme highlights and a high undercut on the sides create great lines.


Fifth Avenue Punk

This man has a very unique personal style, and his clothes are only part of it. His black skinny jeans are bloused over the top of his black military boots. The grey overcoat is adorned with medals on his left chest, and a black trim. Underneath it he wears a black leather satchel, which looks worn by use. The only color on the outfit comes from the yellow stripes on the predominately grey cardigan, underneath which is a black graphic tee. His hairstyle is quite interesting and makes him look like a mixture of two remarkable Gary Oldman characters, Sid Vicious and Jean-Baptiste Zorg.

Rock N’ Roll With A Touch Of Class

This is a very well done outfit. The tribal leggings definitely stand out from the crowd, even without color. The velcro, wedge sneakers look great and go well with the relaxed vibe of the leggings. The black leather motorcycle jacket has now become a styling staple for both genders. Underneath is a grey scoop neck sweater, with slits on the bottom, allowing for more of the leggings to show through. The scoop neck allows for the pink blouse to stand out. The black contrasting collar is a nice touch and gives the shirt a retro feel.