A Sunny Disposition To Brighten Up Your Day

Mondays don’t have to be a terror, but incase yours is here is a beautiful smile to brighten up your day. This sunny young lady couldn’t help but smile when she caught me taking her picture. Her white tank has an incredible amount of texture from the mesh straps and trim to the chandelier design throughout the bodice. She chose a pair of black leggings to accompany this white beauty, and they do the job perfectly. Her patriotic bandana keeps her flowing blonde locks out of her eyes, while adding a quaint pop of color to the ensemble.

Look At These Two Love Birds

Spring is the time of year when animals start coupling up. They take their chances and hope to find the right partner. This Mallard male is protective of his mate, standing guard for his female partner as they take in the sun on the Central Park lawn.

Another couple never leaves each other's side, while searching for food in the New York Botanical Gardens.

And They Called It Puppy Love…

While walking through Central Park, I came across a woman who was taking pictures of her dog and herself.

At first glance it was her outfit that drew me in. Always a sucker for a 70's inspired outfit, I had to capture the loose fitting, bright blue, bell bottom jeans and the scuffed, brown engineer boots hidden beneath them.

The bright red button down shirt, tucked into the blue jeans, is a great accent piece. The tan, hip length jacket allows only minor parts of the red show through, creating an exceptional look. She even marries the red shirt to her nail polish and her dog's plastic bag dispenser.

Aw, and there's the kiss...