Spring Colors & Cuts

This young woman knows how to dress with style for these hot Spring days. The white scoop neck tank, with its small pocket, is a fun and lightweight item. The high waisted, floral mini skirt it is tucked into adds a great amount of color and a Spring pattern to the plain tank. The maroon cardigan, also adds color and style, without adding too much weight to the outfit. The colors in the outfit make it perfect for spring, and the revealing cuts of the individual items make it perfect for the heat.

TREND ALERT: Harem Pants & Sandals This Spring

Harem pants are all over the place right now. Originating in India more than 2,000 years ago, these loose fitting pants have become a very popular item on the streets of New York City. The loose fitting fabric allows for breathabilitly on those hot days in the Concrete Jungle. This young woman wears a bright pair of pink, extremely baggy harem pants with a simple white tank top. On her feet she wears brown leather, gladiator style sandals, which go really well with the tapered bottoms of the harem pants. It is an effortless look, but looks great.

This young lady has paired her black harem pants with a sleeveless graphic tee, creating a Rock n’ Roll chic look. The black leather, fringed bag goes well with the overall color and style of the outfit, as do the black Chanel, T-strap sandals.

This woman wears her black harem pants with gold toe loop sandals. tucked into the pant waist is a sheer blue blouse with white polka dots. Around her neck the small scarf adds spring colors to the outfit.

Perfect Spring Skirt

Nothing says “Spring” like a long floral skirt. The flowing garment dances in the breeze, and keeps you cool and comfortable. The minimal toe loop sandals are perfect for looking good and keeping your feet cool in the Spring and Summer heat. The black varsity-style jacket has a great contrast to the floral skirt, but does add to the reminiscent 1950’s feel of the overall outfit.

TREND ALERT: Sheer Tops Are Here!

The growing trend of sheer clothing was started in Hollywood with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and most recently Rihanna exposing themselves in front of the paparazzi.  The shock and awe caused news of these events to jet across the world.  Though, unlike these exposed celebrities, the women of New York City seem to be courteous (or bashful) enough to keep themselves covered under their sheer tops.

A simple black bra keeps you covered, even while exposing yourself in a sheer shirt.

This woman shows that there is no age limit for sheer tops. The white polka dots and pearl necklace are a nice touch.

This tall brunette wears a pair of black military boots, black shorts, and a sheer top. The front's black and white design helps to hide her shame, but the back...

...doesn't hide a thing.

This lady in Bryant Park has great style. Her sweater, sheer blouse and spaghetti string tank all match, creating a subtle layered look. Her Tory Burch shoes are pretty great as well.

Let's not forget her Louis Vuitton handbag.

This young woman wins the prize for the best sheer top. A black and white, sleeveless, sheer bowling shirt. I really like the pockets, and how they match the spaghetti strap tank she has underneath.

The purple nail polish adds just a touch of color to the ensemble.

Look At These Two Love Birds

Spring is the time of year when animals start coupling up. They take their chances and hope to find the right partner. This Mallard male is protective of his mate, standing guard for his female partner as they take in the sun on the Central Park lawn.

Another couple never leaves each other's side, while searching for food in the New York Botanical Gardens.

As Temperatures Change, You Won’t Have to

Spring is a difficult time of year to dress for work. You know, even if it is cold when you leave the house, there is a good chance it will be a scorcher by lunch. A pair of stretch twill, ankle length pants are a great compromise between shorts and pants, giving you enough coverage to stay warm, and enough exposed skin to catch a breeze. The metallic gold docksiders are a nice touch, and noticeable from a distance.

This young woman's sweater is extremely versatile. The Thick yarn and cable knitting are great for staying warm, yet the loose scoop neck and open knit designs allow for you to stay cool when it warms up.