TREND ALERT: Sheer Tops Are Here!

The growing trend of sheer clothing was started in Hollywood with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and most recently Rihanna exposing themselves in front of the paparazzi.  The shock and awe caused news of these events to jet across the world.  Though, unlike these exposed celebrities, the women of New York City seem to be courteous (or bashful) enough to keep themselves covered under their sheer tops.

A simple black bra keeps you covered, even while exposing yourself in a sheer shirt.

This woman shows that there is no age limit for sheer tops. The white polka dots and pearl necklace are a nice touch.

This tall brunette wears a pair of black military boots, black shorts, and a sheer top. The front's black and white design helps to hide her shame, but the back...

...doesn't hide a thing.

This lady in Bryant Park has great style. Her sweater, sheer blouse and spaghetti string tank all match, creating a subtle layered look. Her Tory Burch shoes are pretty great as well.

Let's not forget her Louis Vuitton handbag.

This young woman wins the prize for the best sheer top. A black and white, sleeveless, sheer bowling shirt. I really like the pockets, and how they match the spaghetti strap tank she has underneath.

The purple nail polish adds just a touch of color to the ensemble.

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