Zig & Zag

This young woman sits aside the Union Square fountain enjoying an Italian ice and the Summer sun. Her green sundress definitely attracts the eye, with its bold color and zig zag pattern. She has paired the dress with a white, zebra print tote, adding even more pattern to the outfit. Her strawberry blonde locks glisten in the sun, while the circular sunglasses protect her eyes.

Let’s Get Ravey!

This young woman has a very fun and sassy look. Her short black skirt is flirty and youthful, especially when paired with the black, high top sneakers adorned with a studded strap across the laces. The black bag hanging from her shoulder matches the shoes, with its studded leather ruffles. The lace tank, with its rough trim adds an amazing amount of color to the outfit, and she pairs it flawlessly with the hot pink lipstick and nail polish. Definitely a chic play on the EDM style.

All Black Beauty

This young woman sports an all black ensemble, which compliments her olive skin tone perfectly. Her black, one shoulder romper, with a large ruffle around the neckline, is a mixture of elegant and fun. The black sash, tied in a bow around the waist, breaks up the silhouette and adds an emphasis to the waistline. The distance between the romper’s shorts and her black leather, gladiator sandals helps to elongate her legs, as well as show them off. The black, fringed leather bag is an accessory that adds life to any outfit, and fits perfectly into this motif. The dark black aviator sunglasses keep her looking cool in the heat, and help to emphasize her natural makeup selection.

High Waist & Crop Top

This young lady looks like a star as she crosses Lafayette St. in SoHo. Her style is elegant but fun, using bright colors and crocheted patterns. The red, high-waisted pants are not form fitting, but the belted waist and pleats help to accentuate an hourglass silhouette. The pants’ bold red coloring is perfectly complimented by the bright yellow python print flats. The white open crochet crop top has a classic look to it, but allows for a sliver of midriff to show underneath its scalloped hemline. The open weave shoulder bag fits in perfectly with the color and design of the top, while the large ivory sunglasses match her pearl ring.

Cat Eyes & Ink

I found this young woman sitting on a stoop in SoHo. She has an elegant style, but there is a rebellious air about her, maybe it’s the tattoos. The sheer, cream-colored blouse with its white polka dots is a very classic piece, yet the rolled sleeves reveal a lion rampant tattooed cuff on her wrist. The black jeggings she is wearing also have a classic color with a modern construction. The tan wedge sandals go very well with the shirt, and allow her to show off her metallic blue pedicure. The swooping bangs of her up-do help to frame her piercing blue eyes accentuated by the cat eye eyeliner.

SoHo Siren

This is another simple color scheme that works so well. The black maxi skirt, with white polka dots and thigh-high slit, looks very chic when paired with those grey ankle booties. The black, spaghetti strap tank, goes great with the skirt and the beaded necklace traces the scoop neckline perfectly. The charcoal fedora has its brim rolled up, making sure everyone can see her striking lip color.