Romeo & Juliet: SoHo Street Style

The star-crossed couple takes their unique variety of romance to the streets of SoHo. Romeo is dressed in a pair of power jeans lying atop brown dress shoes. A loose fitting navy blazer covers his loose grey t-shirt. His love sits upon a ledge wearing a pair of python print leggings underneath a pink tulle dress. They discuss their ill-fated relationship over a bottle of San Pellegrino and Sushi.

The Young Writer

This weekend was the famous Outdoor Art Exhibit in Washington Square Park. This young writer sat on a bench, enjoying the weather and the festivities around him. He has a very artsy style, with black skinny jeans and black All Star high tops. His vertical striped button down adds a bit of color and the bowler hat adds a nice touch of vintage appeal.

Mark Twain Doppelganger

This post is not as much about fashion as it is about character. While I do really like the white ruffled shirt, bow tie and cumber bun combination, it is this man’s character and style that dominate the images. He looks like a writer, which could be the reason why I associated him with Mark Twain or maybe just because he looks like him. His worn leather bag looks like it could be holding a manuscript for the next great American novel.  I do also like how the the beige jacket (occupy button on lapel, and all) stands away from the white shirt creating a little contrast in the outfit.

The Learned Cowboy Of Bryant Park

An urban cowboy catches up on his reading, while taking lunch in Bryant Park.

He added a thick, contrasting cuff to the bottom of his jeans, adding a nice detail, and exposing his rugged cowboy boots.

The different colors of denim create a distinct separation between the pants and jacket, making the outfit more independent and appealing.

The white button down, gives a crisp background for the tie to stand out from. Notice that the tie has blue in its design, helping to marry it to the rest of the ensemble.