A Pop For A Professional

This young professional walks through Fifth Avenue with a purpose. The neutral colors that populate this outfit help her to blend in to the Midtown workplace, but its subtleties help set her apart. The nude tank is embellished by a pleated neckline. The navy skirt goes perfectly with the top, while its neon hem at the bottom pops with a fashionable accent. The black Tory Burch bag is a very popular accessory, while her nude ballet flats keep her comfortable and keep with the neutral color scheme.

A Smooth Operator

This gentleman has a polished yet relaxed look. His white dress shirt is crisp, but left unbuttoned to allow for air circulation. The grey sport coat fits very well and is an easy color to wear in the Summer. The dark power jeans are casual, but look very good when paired with the tucked in shirt and sport coat. The gelled hair and dark aviator sunglasses, along with the stubble, give him an air of confidence that is easy to pick up on.

Salt & Pepper Debonair

Aside from this gentleman’s debonair character, the navy sport coat is the star of this picture. This double-breasted gem is lightweight and its rippled seams create a nice accent. The white pocket square perfectly matches the white shirt, which is left halfway unbuttoned. His creased khakis are an obvious choice of pant to pair with a navy blazer, and look very nice over the top of his tan chukka boots.

Dress Formal & Address The Heat

Formal dress is difficult in the heat of Summer, but this gentleman shows us how to do it right. The pink dress shirt stands out between the lapels of his navy sport coat, while the matching bow tie adds a little extra contrast. The white flat front slacks are easy to wear and are the perfect color for the Summer months. The brown side-buckle loafers compliment the white slacks well and are stylish, while retaining a casual side. Simply lose the sport coat and tie, to make this a perfect outfit for a casual Summer’s night out.

Business Woman Classic

This is a very office friendly look. The Navy blazer goes extremely well with the light blue dress shirt underneath it. The white pants finish the transition from dark to light. On the bottom the color scheme comes full circle with the navy heels. Great color interaction in this outfit.

Dressy Black Jeans

A pair of nicely fitted black jeans are great for when you want to feel casual and look formal. If you pair them with with black shoes and a black blazer it looks very clean. A light colored shirt and pocket square help to give the outfit some depth.

Elegant & Enjoyable Ensemble

A simple, yet superb outfit. The bootcut jeans are very well tailored. They have a little edge of playfulness, but sophisticated none the less. The female power jean. The black boots as well as the form fitting black blazer add to the formality of the outfit. The scarf, worn like an ascot, helps to conceal the floral print blouse underneath it, but it shows through below the blazer. The little pop of flowers and color makes this an elegant and enjoyable ensemble.

I really like the silver chandelier earrings as well.

My New Favorite Blazer

This guy has a great sense of style. His Carolyn Massey two toned blazer is awesome. The top two-thirds of the blazer is a grey herringbone, but the bottom third has been dyed blue. His deep v cardigan leaves room for his white polo collar, which matches the pattern on the cardigan. His straight leg blue jeans are cuffed at the bottom, showing off his worn brown leather boots.

Black & Blue No Longer!

As the workplace becomes more informal, no longer are we subject to only wearing black dress pants. This individual paired a sport coat with high cuffed, burgundy chinos. Not the norm, but still a sharp look.

Jeans have always been shunned in the office environment. Today the "Power Jean" has become an institution as businessmen (and women) embrace a more casual look. As the jean is becoming more versatile, the color schemes have expanded. This man wears a navy blue sport coat with orange jeans and brown suede loafers, pulling off a causal, yet stylish look appropriate for the office of today. Also, note the orange drawstrings in his loafers; Details!