Shaded Colors

This young lady sports a simple and fun outfit, perfect for Summer. The bright yellow, cropped tank is an eye catcher, and looks really good under the tips of her auburn hair. The pair of high-waisted, pastel jean shorts adds a softer, but still noticeable color to the ensemble. The black leather combat boots add a dark contrast to the light colors above.

A White Hot Mystery

One does not usually associate a white outfit with a mysterious look, but this young lady shows us its not only those guys in black who want to remain a mystery. Although her face is hidden in the shadow of a large black and white sun hat and oversized sunglasses, the white outfit creates a peaceful demeanor. The white placket blouse has its sleeves rolled up high, and its waist trimmed with a thin gold belt. The shirt hangs loose below the belt, all but covering her white cutoff jean shorts. The shorts leave an ample amount of leg visible, while the platform heels work to keep them looking toned.

Monday Tip: Pajama Chic

Oh shucks! It’s another Monday; the most dreaded day of the week. Coming off that lazy weekend is truly a bummer, but it’s time to be a productive member of society again. While your energy is still on the beach or by the pool, you can take a tip from this young woman. Her simple outfit is relaxed and easy, but still looks great. The combination of the sheer, wide leg pants and open-toe booties says “I want to be relaxed, without sacrificing my style.” She has rolled the waist of the pants to reveal the black undershorts, and tied the back of her white tank to create a custom fit. The wayfarer sunglasses are a perfect accessory to guard those sleepy, Monday eyes, until you are fully alert.


For months you’ve been working out, trying to flatten your stomach and tone up those legs in time for bathing suit season.  Who says you can’t show off your hard work while out of your bikini?  As these young ladies show, wearing less can sometimes be more.  A knotted button down and jean shorts allow you to show off your summer beach body with style on the streets of the Big City.

This is a less revealing outfit, which only shows a sliver of midriff. The lightweight, white button down is knotted just above the belly button, and is paired with high-waisted jean shorts. She chose a pair of studded white flats, which create the illusion of a longer leg, especially when paired with those high-waisted shorts.



This young woman has decided to show a little more skin. Her button down is knotted just below the bust, leaving her entire stomach revealed. She has paired her knotted shirt with short cutoff jean shorts. The visible pockets have been covered in gold sequins, which add a nice decoration to the shorts. Her wedge sandals are airy and help give her legs a more toned look.


The Summer Sweater

I love this woman’s style. She looks chic and modern, while remaining polished. The black sweater she is wearing is loosely constructed with open kits of different sizes, making it an easy-to-wear Summer sweater. The sweater’s wide boat neck allows for the collar of the white, boyfriend shirt to pop through. The white cuffs and untucked shirt bottom create a great contrast to both the sweater above, and the short black shorts below. The black peep toe heels are a perfect choice of footwear to go with this outfit, and the nude Zac Posen tote fits in extremely well too.

Salt & Pepper Debonair

Aside from this gentleman’s debonair character, the navy sport coat is the star of this picture. This double-breasted gem is lightweight and its rippled seams create a nice accent. The white pocket square perfectly matches the white shirt, which is left halfway unbuttoned. His creased khakis are an obvious choice of pant to pair with a navy blazer, and look very nice over the top of his tan chukka boots.

All Black Beauty

This young woman sports an all black ensemble, which compliments her olive skin tone perfectly. Her black, one shoulder romper, with a large ruffle around the neckline, is a mixture of elegant and fun. The black sash, tied in a bow around the waist, breaks up the silhouette and adds an emphasis to the waistline. The distance between the romper’s shorts and her black leather, gladiator sandals helps to elongate her legs, as well as show them off. The black, fringed leather bag is an accessory that adds life to any outfit, and fits perfectly into this motif. The dark black aviator sunglasses keep her looking cool in the heat, and help to emphasize her natural makeup selection.

Adding A Little Light On The Subject

Carrying a bag of light bulbs, this stylish young woman ended up in my spotlight. Her light denim button down, with its sleeves rolled and top buttons unbuttoned, is tied at the waist with a double wrapped, weaved leather belt. Underneath the untucked shirt bottom is a beautiful nude maxi skirt with a simple lace design between the panels and around the bottom trim. Her leather thong sandals match the leather of her belt, and their turquoise embellishments match the large ring on her middle finger.

Satin, Lace & Leopard

This young blonde whips around the corner, briskly making her way to her destination. Her sheer tank, with a leopard print front and a satin back, is both lightweight and eye-catching. The leopard print, along with the lace trim, creates a prominent pattern that contrasts strongly with her white skinny jeans. Her flats match the top in color, and the sheer instep and the designs on the heel and toe help to balance the pattern-heavy top.

Blue Suede Sandals

This young woman was in the midst of, what seemed like a, gripping conversation. Her mannerisms and reactions, along with her outfit made her a great subject. Her sheer black, sleeveless blouse is embellished by an ivory, tribal pattern that matches the color of her shorts. Her tiered, crochet shorts have an amazing amount of texture, and are all the rage right now. All of her accessories are in blue, from her blue suede sandals to her Dooney & Bourke handbag and her Aztec style necklace. This outfit has a lot going on in it, but everything is connected in one way or another.