For months you’ve been working out, trying to flatten your stomach and tone up those legs in time for bathing suit season.  Who says you can’t show off your hard work while out of your bikini?  As these young ladies show, wearing less can sometimes be more.  A knotted button down and jean shorts allow you to show off your summer beach body with style on the streets of the Big City.

This is a less revealing outfit, which only shows a sliver of midriff. The lightweight, white button down is knotted just above the belly button, and is paired with high-waisted jean shorts. She chose a pair of studded white flats, which create the illusion of a longer leg, especially when paired with those high-waisted shorts.



This young woman has decided to show a little more skin. Her button down is knotted just below the bust, leaving her entire stomach revealed. She has paired her knotted shirt with short cutoff jean shorts. The visible pockets have been covered in gold sequins, which add a nice decoration to the shorts. Her wedge sandals are airy and help give her legs a more toned look.


What are your thoughts on this outfit?

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