The Highest Hair In Union Square

The steps of Union Square are a great place to find unique individuals. This young man pulls out his inner Kid ‘n Play, imitating Kid’s signature hi-top haircut. His friend even helps to pick it out for him.

The Formal Artist

This man looks great and carefree. He has an artsy vibe about him, especially with the long, flowing hair and beard. He wears straight leg black jeans that are tucked into the tops of his untied Converse high tops. His white linen henley goes very well with the artsy vibe, and is a great item to wear on a hot Spring or Summer day. He keeps the shirt unbuttoned, showing off his rope necklace and chest hair. To dress the outfit up he added a black blazer, which plays well with both the black jeans and white shirt.

Fro-nomenal Outfit!

This woman truly stands out from the crowd. One would think that so many patterns in one outfit would clash, but she pulls it off well. Her red maxi dress is adorned with a yellow and purple floral print. Her ankle boots are covered in python print, and her handbag covered in Navajo symbols. The black blazer helps to keep the patterns separated and in harmony.

Her giant gold hoop earrings go well with the gold cuff on her left wrist. The bold red lipstick and strong blush help to accentuate her strong facial features.

The dirty blonde afro is quite a throwback. Anyone who has the confidence to wear this hairstyle today, definitely wins my respect and kudos.