SKATER GIRL – Erickson Beamon





Erickson Beamon has a storied history of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for celebrities and women of power in general.  This hand piece is a stunning cluster of color, which I accentuated in this image we shot for National Skateboarding Day.




Control Your Neon

Why not add a neon pop to your outfit? This young lady shows you how. She wears a sleeveless neon blouse, buttoned to the top and left untucked. Below she wears a pair of short, black leather shorts, which compliment the bright neon coloring of the blouse. Her wedge sandals are airy and neutral, while giving her a few extra inches. The black shorts and bag help to frame the neon blouse, giving it a stronger, more controlled pop.


A Colorful Cover Up

The color on this cover up makes it a standout, but it how she wears it and pairs it with accessories that makes it a great ensemble. The gold collar necklace is the perfect compliment for the deep-v neckline. She pairs the necklace with large gold hoop earrings, tying her hair up to make sure they stand out. The python print, cross body bag is small, but adds a slight accent to the colorful cover up. The white tassel sandals are a perfect neutral color, as to not take away from the colors above it. She even matches her iPhone case to the dominant color in the cover up.

Peace & Colors

Color is always fun, and this young woman sure has a lot of it. The neon green tank, with a multicolored Miami Beach logo, has a swooping neck and low armholes, revealing a halter bra underneath. The faded cutoff jean shorts are held in place with a studded leather belt, that goes well with the black leather, multi-strap boots. There is an interesting dynamic between the high boots and the short jean cutoffs. Her leather handbag, with its multicolored leather patchwork, sets the bar for the rest of her accessories and is complimented nicely by the set of bangles on her wrist. The chain of feathers in her ear encompasses all the colors of the tank, and stands out against her long black hair and natural colored makeup.

Cool Mint

Mint is a very popular shade right now. This young lady wears a mint, sleeveless dress with a deep v neckline. The black sash tied in a bow around her waist really helps to make the dress look superb. Her minimalist necklace is the perfect accessory for this open neckline, without looking too overdone. The two-tone heels are very fashionable, but their neutral colors don’t take away from the power of the dress. The black messenger bag works well with the sash, and breaks up the solid dress just a tiny bit more.

Fall Colors In The Heat Of Spring

These are not the usual early Spring colors, rather they are common Fall colors associated with the changing leaves of New England Trees. This woman wears these Fall colors proudly down Fifth Avenue on a warm Spring day. Her jacket is quite exquisite; the colorblock pattern creates an illusion of layers; while the hot pink, button up blouse creates a warming pop of color between the jackets lapels and around her wrists. The khaki pants are crisp and exude a refined character when paired with the suede peep toe pumps.

Pull A Little Color Out Of Your Bag

Accessories are a great way to add a little spunk to an outfit.  Scarves, hats, belts, or in this case handbags, can add color or texture to an otherwise simple outfit.

While it can sometimes be a task to locate your belongings inside of them, handbags are an easy addition to any outfit. This woman wears a long sleeve shirt dress, with a black colorblock bottom. Below this dress she has tucked her blue jeans into black, knee high riding boots. Around her neck the snow leopard print scarf adds a nice pattern to the outfit. While this is a very nice outfit, it is void of color. The handbag changes this by adding a bold red into the mix, creating a spritely statement.

This young girl favors solid backs and whites. The classic leather motorcycle jacket adds a rebellious touch to the short black skirt. The white lace button down adds texture and contrast between the jacket’s lapels. The eye-catcher of this ensemble, however, is the orange leather bag she has around her left shoulder.

This young lady has gone with a more casual, earthy look. The charcoal jeans are tucked into a black pair of riding boots, but when paired with the jean jacket and side braided ponytail, they form a more rural cowgirl look. The waist cut of the jean jacket creates a layered look as the beige, open knit sweater comes through the bottom. Though this outfit has color, they are very earthy and dull. It takes a bold red handbag to add some life to this get up.

These outfits have a lot of style to them, just lack color.  The handbags give them a bold infusion of color, and help to accentuate their style.

Black Border Between Colors

A colorful outfit is always enjoyable. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but it also makes you feel and look warmer. Sometimes two strong colors don’t converge well, even though they go together. This woman has taken this into consideration and divided the two colorful pieces with a thick black belt. The belt works as a buffer zone, hiding the junction where to green blouse and yellow skirt come together. The black belt, blazer and stockings also give the colors some contrast from which to stand out.

Some Pops For That Little Sweater Dress

On a chilly, early spring day a sweater dress is a great way to keep warm and look good. This young lady wears a long sleeve sweater dress in a light brown earth tone. Underneath she wears a pair of black leggings hidden in knee high, dark brown riding boots. The black motorcycle jacket allows the skirt and cuffs of the sweater dress to show through, creating a nice layering effect.

Accessories are a great way to add color to an outfit. Neutral colors are an easy platform on which to add colorful pieces. The royal blue, jersey scarf and red shoulder bag are two bold colors, but work nicely together to add accents to a neutral outfit.

Red, White & No More Blues

White is a very graceful color. The color of angels is always inviting and beautiful. To create an outstanding outfit, this woman paired her white pants and trench, with a red pop of color. The result is magnificent. The button down shirt, scarf and beret create work together to form an eye catching accent, especially when enveloped in all white.