Pull A Little Color Out Of Your Bag

Accessories are a great way to add a little spunk to an outfit.  Scarves, hats, belts, or in this case handbags, can add color or texture to an otherwise simple outfit.

While it can sometimes be a task to locate your belongings inside of them, handbags are an easy addition to any outfit. This woman wears a long sleeve shirt dress, with a black colorblock bottom. Below this dress she has tucked her blue jeans into black, knee high riding boots. Around her neck the snow leopard print scarf adds a nice pattern to the outfit. While this is a very nice outfit, it is void of color. The handbag changes this by adding a bold red into the mix, creating a spritely statement.

This young girl favors solid backs and whites. The classic leather motorcycle jacket adds a rebellious touch to the short black skirt. The white lace button down adds texture and contrast between the jacket’s lapels. The eye-catcher of this ensemble, however, is the orange leather bag she has around her left shoulder.

This young lady has gone with a more casual, earthy look. The charcoal jeans are tucked into a black pair of riding boots, but when paired with the jean jacket and side braided ponytail, they form a more rural cowgirl look. The waist cut of the jean jacket creates a layered look as the beige, open knit sweater comes through the bottom. Though this outfit has color, they are very earthy and dull. It takes a bold red handbag to add some life to this get up.

These outfits have a lot of style to them, just lack color.  The handbags give them a bold infusion of color, and help to accentuate their style.

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