Peace & Colors

Color is always fun, and this young woman sure has a lot of it. The neon green tank, with a multicolored Miami Beach logo, has a swooping neck and low armholes, revealing a halter bra underneath. The faded cutoff jean shorts are held in place with a studded leather belt, that goes well with the black leather, multi-strap boots. There is an interesting dynamic between the high boots and the short jean cutoffs. Her leather handbag, with its multicolored leather patchwork, sets the bar for the rest of her accessories and is complimented nicely by the set of bangles on her wrist. The chain of feathers in her ear encompasses all the colors of the tank, and stands out against her long black hair and natural colored makeup.

One thought on “Peace & Colors

  1. It’s a weird kind of hybrid Native American meets Grateful Dead look. Although the boots look like they belong in Gladiator….

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