TREND ALERT: Denim Shirt, Tan Skirt

Blue and tan are two colors that go well together, just like earth and sky.  These two young women have paired them together to create simple, yet tasteful outfits.

This young woman sports a light-wash denim button down, which is left unbuttoned down to her waist revealing a white cotton scoop neck tee. The shirts are held tightly in the waistband of her tan, pleated, ankle-length skirt, with a braided, brown leather belt. Her tan wedge sandals and bleach splattered denim bag are relaxed accessories that help to make this a casual, yet chic, outfit.

This young woman is wearing a denim button down with a western design. The open buttons and spread collar reveal a navy tank and the blue stones of her necklace. The abundance of blue in the top half of this outfit helps to give her blue eyes a bit of a pop. The shirt is tucked into the elastic waistband of a tan, pleated midi skirt, flowing atop a pair of brown leather wedges. The emerald leather bag adds another earth tone to the outfit, keeping it grounded.

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