Crossover Event: Capture The Streets x The Excessories Expert

I recently had the great opportunity to work with The Excessories Expert. She is a beautiful woman with an incredible personal style. Here are a few images from the shoot. Keep tuned for more shoots with this excessive beauty…

GRD_1006 GRD_0589
GRD_0603 GRD_0639 copy

Two Awesome Accessories

This young woman has incredible taste, wearing two of my favorite accessories in one outfit. The Céline tote matches the black, loose fitting tee and is an amazing item, with its awkwardly appealing facial expression. The olive drab skinny jeans show off her toned legs and are tucked into the best shoes of the season by Isabel Marant. The white and drab hidden wedge sneakers are so casual; yet retain a hidden feminine quality.

A Refined Statement Of Luxury

Hermés handbags are a world-renowned sign of luxury. In 1935 this style, later named the Kelly bag, after the actress Grace Kelly, was introduced and has remained a statement of wealth to this day. This elegant woman has paired her Kelly bag with a pristine, white outfit. Her white slim fitted pants, with a dotted texture, sit atop a pair of open-toed leopard pumps. She wears a white lace blouse, with frayed edges tucked into her wide leather belt with white detailing. Over the lace she wears a plush, off white wrap, flowing around her legs. Her gold jewelry matches, perfectly, the hardware on the bag and accentuates her already refined look.

That Little Extra…

Sometimes a single addition can make or break an outfit. In this case the black vest makes this young woman’s outfit. Her outfit is pretty common, a white shirt, leather jacket, jeans and boots, but the vest gives it a uniqueness that enables it to stand out from the crowd.