Confidence Personified

This young lady is a star, walking the streets like she owns them. Her style just screams confidence. She has a lot going on in this outfit, starting with the growling mouth on her cutoff tee. The tee is bloused over the waistband of her grey mullet skirt, with an overlapping, swooping waterfall design. The skirt, maxi length in back, still allows for her black, platform ankle booties to standout. She is decked out in accessories, most notably the leopard shoulder bag, hanging at her side. Her left wrist and hand are covered in large, eye-catching statement pieces, which go really well with the medallion around her neck. The bold, red lipstick is the perfect way to finish off a confident look like this, allowing her to dominate the streets.

A Hot Halter Top

This is a show-stopping top. From bebe, this silk halter with a paisley pattern and contrast trim is truly stunning. This young lady pairs it with a pair of pink pastel shorts, which go extremely well with the coloring of the top. Her black Valentino thong sandals, with big black bows are fun and perfect for the heat of summer. Her matching lilac manicure and pedicure are an added pop of color that goes with the colors of the top as well.

Cool Mint

Mint is a very popular shade right now. This young lady wears a mint, sleeveless dress with a deep v neckline. The black sash tied in a bow around her waist really helps to make the dress look superb. Her minimalist necklace is the perfect accessory for this open neckline, without looking too overdone. The two-tone heels are very fashionable, but their neutral colors don’t take away from the power of the dress. The black messenger bag works well with the sash, and breaks up the solid dress just a tiny bit more.

Chic From Head To Toe

This young lady has a very unique, yet extremely appealing style. Her white button up blouse has a decoration of black triangles around the collar and pocket. She wears her sleeves rolled up above her elbows, and leaves the top button buttoned. The wide diameter necklace, with the large medallion, is a great accent to the collar. Her ruffled, blue shorts are mostly concealed by the bottom of the blouse, but create a strong accent where they do show through. The Dior wedge sandals are another statement piece in this outfit, and are simply magnificent. The way she wears her headscarf, with the big bow in front, has a retro look and pulls together all the colors of the ensemble.

Bright Colored Tube Top Maxi

Bright days, like today, are a perfect time to show off your brightest colors. This young woman wears a tube top maxi dress covered in a horizontal stripe pattern. The two tones of orange and white stripes help to separate the dress into, what looks like two different items. The jersey material is lightweight, allowing for breathability especially when paired with the beige t-strap sandals.

Heat Repelling & Pristine

White is definitely the easiest color to wear on an extremely hot and sunny day, like today promises to be. White reflects solar radiation, allowing you to stay cooler and look pristine. This young woman sports a white linen maxi skirt with a thigh-high slit, which reveals her metallic gold sneakers. Tucked into the skirt’s drawstring waistband is a white burnout tee with a white textured design. The all white ensemble, including her sunglasses, provides a crisp background from which her blue and teal shoulder bag can stand out.

Beach Cruisin’ The NYC Streets

For those who could withstand the heat, today was a beautiful day to be outside. This young woman stops to check her phone, while hitting the streets on her baby blue beach cruiser. She has knotted her colorful, floral, maxi skirt at knee-length to allow for comfortable pedaling. Her sandals are not only airy and stylish, but match the colors of her skirt, creating a unified look. The sleeveless white shirt, with a faint stripe pattern, has extra large armholes, allowing air to circulate throughout the garment, helping to keep her cool on this scorching summer day.