A Little Splish & A Big Splash

In New York City there are only so many places you can go to stay cool on these hot Summer days. The Washington Square fountain is one of those places, and today it was packed. This young woman is having a blast, dipping her feet in the refreshing water, while remaining cautious about the trim of her dress. The tank maxi dress is adorned with an abstract design that matches her expression perfectly. The side braided ponytail and neon trimmed wayfarers do a fantastic job of accentuating her youthful and joyous disposition.

Bright Colored Tube Top Maxi

Bright days, like today, are a perfect time to show off your brightest colors. This young woman wears a tube top maxi dress covered in a horizontal stripe pattern. The two tones of orange and white stripes help to separate the dress into, what looks like two different items. The jersey material is lightweight, allowing for breathability especially when paired with the beige t-strap sandals.

Formal Athletic Wear

Today is the official start of Summer. Meteorologists have pegged this Summer Solstice as the hottest day of the year so far. While dressing to combat this scorcher you should show as much skin as is appropriate for your environment. As this man shows, you do not need to stick to the norm, and can invent an outfit that is both weather appropriate and stylish. His short, dress shorts and vest are not something you see paired with athletic socks and shoes, but allow him to remain comfortable in this extreme heat.