Beach Cruisin’ The NYC Streets

For those who could withstand the heat, today was a beautiful day to be outside. This young woman stops to check her phone, while hitting the streets on her baby blue beach cruiser. She has knotted her colorful, floral, maxi skirt at knee-length to allow for comfortable pedaling. Her sandals are not only airy and stylish, but match the colors of her skirt, creating a unified look. The sleeveless white shirt, with a faint stripe pattern, has extra large armholes, allowing air to circulate throughout the garment, helping to keep her cool on this scorching summer day.

The Island Vibe Is Alive In The Big Apple

The New York City and Caribbean lifestyles could not be further apart. This man keeps it cool on a bicycle, while dealing with the rough New York traffic. His brown leather docksiders go well with the pink pastel straight leg jeans, cuffed just above them. The grey denim button down is relaxed, with its sleeve rolled, showing off its white lining. The large dark sunglasses keep the midday sun from destroying his eyes, while the long flowing hair with tight curls helps to keep that island vibe present in the Big Apple.