Sunday Special: High Fashion On The High Line

I figured I’d try something different, and ended up on The High Line this week. I am lucky I did because I came across this stunning model posing for a shoot. With her hair slicked back and her makeup done, she braved the hot sun to provide the perfect pose. The lace blouse she wore is stunning, with a Renaissance look to it, especially with the bell cuffs on the sleeves. The gold weave and encrusted jewels create a lovely design that screams “high fashion!” The white, pleated trouser, into which the blouse is tucked, creates a nice a simple, refined buffer. The cuffed legs provide a little air circulation in the heat and also show off the Lacoste tennis shoes, which are perfect for the boardwalk feel of the High Line.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Special: High Fashion On The High Line

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