A Patriotic Outfit For The Fourth Of July

Summer is the perfect time to play around with your colors. This young lady puts together a very patriotic outfit using shades of red, white and blue. The light blue tank is a very calming color, and helps to pop the orange beaded necklace draped in front of it. The jersey midi skirt has stripes of red and white, just like the American flag. The wide, woven belt creates a strong barrier between the tank and the skirt, and goes well with the woven tote. The tote just screams “beach,” especially when worn with the teal t-strap sandals and large sunglasses.

One thought on “A Patriotic Outfit For The Fourth Of July

  1. I like it a lot. Clearly patriotic, but not in your face. I just wrote a post on how I got out of the city and went to the beach that day. I saw so many girls wearing flag bikinis that didn’t show any unique sartorial style.

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