Submerge Yourself In Comfort

Everyone just wants to stay wrapped up in their bed on a cold grey day. When living in New York City, you have so many ways to take advantage of a rainy day, staying in bed is a last resort. This young woman rolled out of bed, pulled together a comfortable outfit, and headed to her local beauty salon for a pedicure. Her long white tee and camouflage leggings scream comfort, but when paired with a black leather motorcycle jacket they gain a stylish appeal. The oversized scarf takes the place of the blanket when it comes to keeping you warm and cozy. Don't forget to take your flip flops with you when going for a pedicure, to let your nails dry on the walk back.

I really like her short cut, bleached blonde hair, as well as her nose ring, quite punk chic. The blue sweater cuffs on her jacket are also a nice touch.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?

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