Business Up Top, Party Down Below.

Something in this outfit doesn’t fit. The cardigan, v-neck shirt and pencil skirt all say “office attire,” but the low top Converse All-Stars say “street.” The pairing, however, does not look bad, which just goes to show the versatility of a black pair of Chucks. The canary yellow cardigan stands out from the black v-neck underneath it. The cross hatching design on the pencil skirt adds a great texture to this outfit. Im not positive, but I would not be surprised if she has a dressier pair of shoes in her bag that she switched out before leaving the office.

5 thoughts on “Business Up Top, Party Down Below.

  1. people in aussie here do it all the time. when they aint in the office zone, they change into sneakers. so they walk around with 2 pairs of shoes…

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