The Three Amigas

Well-dressed women often spend time with other well-dressed women, and this is proof. These three young ladies spent their afternoon walking visiting the shops of SoHo. While they are all blonde and wearing sunglasses, those are the only similarities in their looks.

Left: This white dress, with a black ink spot pattern is simple and sweet. The square neckline is impeded by two ruffled accents, leaving a deep-V look. The black accessories are a nice touch, going well with the black spots on the dress.
Middle: The wing collar of her blouse says “classic,” but the open back says “party.” The light pink blouse is tucked into a pair of floral print jean shorts that match in color. Her beige gladiator sandals are intricate and easy to wear in the Summer heat.
Right: While from far away her shirt looks like a plain scoop neck tee, if you look closely you can see the confetti colored threads poking out all over it. The black leather, patchwork skirt, is an easy way to wear leather in the Summertime. The black thong sandals are a relaxed match for the black skirt.


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