Waiting On The World To Change

I found this woman sitting on the steps of St. Thomas Church. She looked as though she was waiting for someone, with a sense of longing in her face. The mix between the emotion and the fashion statement she was making, made her the perfect subject. Her fur trimmed coat definitely added some flare to her look. Her python print handbag, cuddled in her lap, is a great statement piece for this dark colored outfit.

Silk & Sadness

The park is usually filled with such joy; a moment like this doesn't appear very often. I felt her sadness as I took the pictures, and when I reviewed them that, not her outfit, was the overwhelming star.

I could not help but watch as her face grew longer and longer. I wanted to get closer, to find out what exactly could be making such a beautiful young woman so sad. The brisk wind of the day probably didn't help her situation, as the silk shirt she was wearing didn't offer much protection.

I could not stay, and so I wished her the best of luck from a far, heading, again, on my own way.