The Old Tough Guy Look

There is something about a popped collar that gives off a cool and cocky appearance. Maybe it is its affiliation with Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli and James Dean, that has created that reputation, but it still sticks to this day. This man popped his collar on his blue trench, and even though he is carrying a Toys "R" Us bag, he still looks tough (and stylish). Underneath his trench peaks a pink button down shirt. His straight leg jeans are crisp and cuffed at the bottom, leaving them to fall perfectly onto his brown leather shoes.

One thought on “The Old Tough Guy Look

  1. I must agree this guy has a great look … not trendy , great turn-up cuff in jeans, with a great pair of shoes (hate guys who twist and roll their trousers or jeans) his look is working for his body build, just STyle

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