Three Fashionable Friends

I spotted this group of fashionable friends near Lafayette St. While I don’t know what they were talking about, their interactions seemed fun and heartfelt. They each have their own style, and it was a great treat to capture three great subjects walking side-by-side.

The guy on the right (your right) has a very casual look about him; very care free.  He wears a denim cutoff shirt, showing off his toned arms. His rust colored jeans are worn off his waist, causing them to bunch up atop the beige shoes, which remain untied.
The young lady in the center of the group has a flirty look. Her black shorts and tank have a fun look to them, which is perfect for Spring. The red blazer adds a great bold color to the outfit, and also dresses it up. A great Spring outfit for a lunch date.

The girl on the left has a very versatile outfit. This outfit can be worn to just about any type of setting, short of formal. The semi-sheer white blouse is sleeveless, allowing for comfort in the hot sun. The blouse is knotted at the waist where leaving the pleated waist of the pants visible. The wide leg is very airy and relaxed when paired with a weaved sandal. To make this outfit more formal, simply add a blazer on top.



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