The Green Jeans

The contrast between the green skinny jeans and white button down really makes this outfit work. Both items are crisp and clean, solid colors, which makes them standout, distinctly, from one another. The extremely clean, white Puma sneakers are a great addition, flanking the green jeans from both sides. The Louis Vuitton messenger bag goes well with the clean look of this outfit and is a very stylish and convenient way in which to carry one’s belongings.

2 thoughts on “The Green Jeans

  1. He should not wear socks and if he has to he should never wear black socks with white sneakers. Other than that cool.

    1. I am a guy who is not afraid of color and yes I have red, blue, orange and green jeans from Abercrombie. I am loving this look and will be rocking it next time I hit the club.(minus the LV)

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