A Colorful Cover Up

The color on this cover up makes it a standout, but it how she wears it and pairs it with accessories that makes it a great ensemble. The gold collar necklace is the perfect compliment for the deep-v neckline. She pairs the necklace with large gold hoop earrings, tying her hair up to make sure they stand out. The python print, cross body bag is small, but adds a slight accent to the colorful cover up. The white tassel sandals are a perfect neutral color, as to not take away from the colors above it. She even matches her iPhone case to the dominant color in the cover up.

The Simple Elegance Of Colorblocking

It’s always wonderful to find a stylish individual wearing something modern with an elegant feel. This young lady has created a beautiful ensemble with clean lines and solid colors. Her white, sleeveless blouse, with the unbuttoned collar, has a loose fitting body, which is complimented superbly by the tight, cropped waistband. The rust, high-waisted maxi skirt, made from a stretch jersey material, is easy enough to wear tucked underneath the blouse. Her black ribbon wedges are a nice, contrasting neutral color at the hemline of the skirt. The turquoise Marc Jacobs satchel is a bold pop of color against the outfit’s earth tones, and goes extraordinarily well with her beautiful chandelier opal earrings.

Adding A Little Light On The Subject

Carrying a bag of light bulbs, this stylish young woman ended up in my spotlight. Her light denim button down, with its sleeves rolled and top buttons unbuttoned, is tied at the waist with a double wrapped, weaved leather belt. Underneath the untucked shirt bottom is a beautiful nude maxi skirt with a simple lace design between the panels and around the bottom trim. Her leather thong sandals match the leather of her belt, and their turquoise embellishments match the large ring on her middle finger.

Sunday Special: High Fashion On The High Line

I figured I’d try something different, and ended up on The High Line this week. I am lucky I did because I came across this stunning model posing for a shoot. With her hair slicked back and her makeup done, she braved the hot sun to provide the perfect pose. The lace blouse she wore is stunning, with a Renaissance look to it, especially with the bell cuffs on the sleeves. The gold weave and encrusted jewels create a lovely design that screams “high fashion!” The white, pleated trouser, into which the blouse is tucked, creates a nice a simple, refined buffer. The cuffed legs provide a little air circulation in the heat and also show off the Lacoste tennis shoes, which are perfect for the boardwalk feel of the High Line.

Cool Mint

Mint is a very popular shade right now. This young lady wears a mint, sleeveless dress with a deep v neckline. The black sash tied in a bow around her waist really helps to make the dress look superb. Her minimalist necklace is the perfect accessory for this open neckline, without looking too overdone. The two-tone heels are very fashionable, but their neutral colors don’t take away from the power of the dress. The black messenger bag works well with the sash, and breaks up the solid dress just a tiny bit more.

Chic From Head To Toe

This young lady has a very unique, yet extremely appealing style. Her white button up blouse has a decoration of black triangles around the collar and pocket. She wears her sleeves rolled up above her elbows, and leaves the top button buttoned. The wide diameter necklace, with the large medallion, is a great accent to the collar. Her ruffled, blue shorts are mostly concealed by the bottom of the blouse, but create a strong accent where they do show through. The Dior wedge sandals are another statement piece in this outfit, and are simply magnificent. The way she wears her headscarf, with the big bow in front, has a retro look and pulls together all the colors of the ensemble.

Urban Overalls

While completely void of color, this outfit has a fun and flirty demeanor to it. The olive drab overalls are a stylish take on a classic. She wears them rolled at the bottoms with leopard print slip-ons. The lack of a shirt underneath, reveals a strapless black bra and a cluster of charms hanging from a couple of chains around her neck. The only touch of color comes from her orange nail polish, which give the outfit a bit of life. The messy hairdo is stylish, and goes with the relaxed “don’t care” feel of the ensemble.