Above & Beyond That Old Yellow Rain Suit

In New York's West Village, I came across this young woman standing at an intersection. There was something about her; as I moved closer I could begin to see what it was. Though she had dressed for the melancholy weather, she had done so in a way that unique. She wasn't wearing sweat pants or jeans with a simple raincoat, she was wearing beige leggings tucked into her wool-lined booties. Her raincoat was actually a belted, olive drab trench with a hood. Though she carried an umbrella, in the same hand she carried a small beige handbag. It was this contradiction that, looking back, drew my eye and made her a great subject.

A Colorful Sight For Sore Eyes

Grey skies covered New York City today.  With intermittent rain showers and cold winds blowing throughout the day, New Yorkers bundled back up in their winter wear.  Walking through Midtown was depressing, not just because it was a cold, rainy, Monday, but because of the lack of color.  Where is it written that when it rains you can’t wear color?  The masses moved together, like a flood of black down Fifth Avenue, which made this young lady stand out as a sight for sore eyes.

Her bright orange coat and royal blue color give a grey day a little color.