Not Your Grandmother’s Fourth Of July Outfits

The Fourth of July is a special day that commemorates our independence from the British Empire.  It has become a day for family gatherings, BBQ’s, parties, and, of course, sporting patriotic outfits.  American pride was alive today on the streets of New York City as we remembered what our forefathers did nearly 250 years ago.

The captain not only showed his American pride, but his Gay Pride as well.

There is nothing more american than cutoff jean shorts, especially when paired with a red white and blue tie dye tank.

The American Flag makes a very nice shirt, just ask Abby Hoffman or this skater girl.

American Flag leggings are fun, just don’t expect them to wave in the breeze.

The Dagger’s Edge

The pairing of black and white is a classic and creates a clean and elegant look. This young woman wears a collarless, white button down blouse. The placket of the blouse is adorned with a simple black trim, defining it and tying it into the black mini skirt. The strong contrast between the two pieces creates bold lines, and accentuates the hips where the two colors meet. The beige, silver-studded, gladiator sandals are a nice, airy touch perfect for summer. The studs match the amazing earrings, which add an “edge” to this outfit.

A Patriotic Outfit For The Fourth Of July

Summer is the perfect time to play around with your colors. This young lady puts together a very patriotic outfit using shades of red, white and blue. The light blue tank is a very calming color, and helps to pop the orange beaded necklace draped in front of it. The jersey midi skirt has stripes of red and white, just like the American flag. The wide, woven belt creates a strong barrier between the tank and the skirt, and goes well with the woven tote. The tote just screams “beach,” especially when worn with the teal t-strap sandals and large sunglasses.

Layered Lace

Lace is both attractive and elegant. This young woman takes advantage of its design to create a layered, yet airy top. The copper halter bra stands out perfectly between the two cap sleeves of the black, cropped shirt. The designs of both items are so similar they look as though they are a single entity. The scalloped edges of the garments also create a pleasant design when contrasting with her skin tone. The wide waistband of her khaki shorts leaves a sliver of midriff and is adorned with a fabric belt tied in a bow. The black, chunk heel booties have a bit of an edgy look, while helping to tone her legs.

Dress Formal & Address The Heat

Formal dress is difficult in the heat of Summer, but this gentleman shows us how to do it right. The pink dress shirt stands out between the lapels of his navy sport coat, while the matching bow tie adds a little extra contrast. The white flat front slacks are easy to wear and are the perfect color for the Summer months. The brown side-buckle loafers compliment the white slacks well and are stylish, while retaining a casual side. Simply lose the sport coat and tie, to make this a perfect outfit for a casual Summer’s night out.

Summer Accessorizing

When dressing for the Summer, keeping it simple is a great way to beat the heat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. This young lady wears an attention-grabbing gold maxi dress, with tied spaghetti straps. To help create a more form-fitting look, she employs the aid of a wide python print belt, which helps to accentuate her waist. Her straw fedora helps to shade her face from the sun, and her large, dark sunglasses help to keep the rays out of her eyes. Her beaded thong sandals keep her pink pedicure in view, showing that they match her bold choice in lipstick.

Loungin’ In Union Square

You don’t need to dress to the nines when sitting out in the sun, but it is always a good idea to not look like a slob. This young woman finds a stylish, yet relaxed, middle ground, while catching some rays on the steps of Union Square. She wears a simple faded black graphic tee above a pair of white shorts. On her feet is a pair of t strap sandals, with an elastic cuff around the ankle. The full headscarf and layered hair hanging from it, frame her face perfectly, while creating a casually chic look.

A Holy Dress

This young lady has paired together three distinct items to create a stunning outfit. The white, open crochet dress is a chic take on an iconic style of the 1960’s. The solid white slip underneath keeps her covered while allowing airflow through the large circular openings. The white patchwork bag has a unique variety of textures, and the blue python print adds a bit of color to the white outfit. The black leather sandals, with their glass wedge heels, hold their own in this ensemble of unique pieces. This is a great outfit for any day or night in the heat of Summer.

Distressed & Wrinkled

The heat of Summer is the perfect excuse to show off your legs. This young lady’s distressed jean shorts, with their high waist and cut off bottoms, leave a lot of “leg room” when paired with a low cut, wingtip heel. The loose fitting, light weight, wrinkled blouse tucked into the shorts’ studded waistband has a Renaissance feel, but is brought back to the contemporary with the addition of her dark wayfarer sunglasses and leather messenger bag.

The Off Duty Tennis Pro

This young lady sports a simple, yet elegant outfit. She wears an emerald green sweater, soft and well fitted. Below the sweater is a pair of navy, pleated shorts, with a scalloped trim. On her feet she wears nude flats that help to create, along with the short shorts, an elongated looking leg. The messy bun and dark Ray Ban sunglasses add a carefree touch to this colorblocked outfit.