Suspended In Time

This fine gentleman has a learned look. His dress and his demeanor remind me of a southern blues musician, maybe with a little more color. He wears a green polo shirt tucked into the waist of his pleated, khaki slacks. The loose fitting pants are held up by a set of pink suspenders, giving his top a little more color. His dark brown loafers look like they have walked many a street in their time. To top off the look he has a straw fedora on his head, and a large hardcover book in his hand.

Street Style – SoHo

The Summer Sky Reflected In A Dress

I really love the simplicity of this outfit; a spaghetti string dress, with an open scoop neckline. The light blue reminds me of the summer sky, especially with the white marbling in the dye. The black open toe and heel lace ups are a perfect compliment to this fun dress, walking that fine line between formal and informal. The bobbed blonde haircut definitely helps to create the fun aura that she has, while the Louis Vuitton Tote keeps her looking glamorous.

TREND ALERT: A Blazer Of A Summer

The solid color blazer, once a masculine item, is being reclaimed by the women of the 21st Century, and they are making it look a whole lot better than men ever could. Pairing it with the likes of colorful dresses and raged boyfriend jeans, women truly know how to compliment this masculine staple.

Ode To My Fellow Photogs

This young woman was walking around Union Square looking for subjects to shoot. Her short sleeve dress is colored with a beautiful, abstract floral pattern and tied at the waist with a skinny, tan leather belt. She uses a 35 mm film camera, which is something not usually seen in this digital age.

These two fedora-wearing gentlemen discuss their poses after a quick set of photographs. The photographer, on the right, sports a fitted denim button down and seersucker pants over light brown loafers. His subject is Mr. Mort of Mr. Mort’s combination of the yellow button down underneath the royal blue and white sport coat is very nice and casual, especially when the seersucker shorts are added into the mix. He too sports a pair of loafers, but of a darker color.

Subtly Patriotic

This is a simple outfit that is perfect for the yacht club. There is something inherently nautical about horizontal stripes this time of year. This polished young woman wears a lovely stretch dress, with stripes of red and navy. Around her shoulders is a white sweater, just adding to the preppy look of the ensemble. I’m not sure whether the Olympic spirit has gone to her subconscious or if she actually planned the patriotic color scheme, but it does look good.

The Three Amigas

Well-dressed women often spend time with other well-dressed women, and this is proof. These three young ladies spent their afternoon walking visiting the shops of SoHo. While they are all blonde and wearing sunglasses, those are the only similarities in their looks.

Left: This white dress, with a black ink spot pattern is simple and sweet. The square neckline is impeded by two ruffled accents, leaving a deep-V look. The black accessories are a nice touch, going well with the black spots on the dress.
Middle: The wing collar of her blouse says “classic,” but the open back says “party.” The light pink blouse is tucked into a pair of floral print jean shorts that match in color. Her beige gladiator sandals are intricate and easy to wear in the Summer heat.
Right: While from far away her shirt looks like a plain scoop neck tee, if you look closely you can see the confetti colored threads poking out all over it. The black leather, patchwork skirt, is an easy way to wear leather in the Summertime. The black thong sandals are a relaxed match for the black skirt.


Buttoned Up Tight

This blonde’s sun-kissed skin goes perfectly with the light mocha color of her button front dress. The sleeveless bodice, with white lace inlays on the shoulders, is buttoned all the way to the top, leaving the collar tight around her neck. The skirt is rippled at the seam, and falls just below mid-thigh. Her boots are incredible, their open toe and cutout sides are a strong contrast from what you would normally expect from a lace up boot. The gold necklace is a thing of beauty, with its intricate, independently moving pieces and textures. Her tortoise shell Ray Ban wayfarers hide her eyes, while the strawberry lipstick gives her lips a strong pop.

The Highest Hair In Union Square

The steps of Union Square are a great place to find unique individuals. This young man pulls out his inner Kid ‘n Play, imitating Kid’s signature hi-top haircut. His friend even helps to pick it out for him.

Rompin’ Around NYC

This outfit has a classic appeal. The black romper, with white polka dots, is a nice piece that is easy to wear during the Summer heat waves. The boat neck leaves a good amount of collarbone showing, while the black blazer helps to frame it perfectly. The black pumps are a classic addition, matching the other items in the ensemble. The opal, teardrop earrings are a nice pop from under her strawberry blonde locks and are accompanied by a bold red shade of lipstick.

Light Colors, Light Fabrics

This young woman pulls off a great ensemble. The light colors play extremely well with her fair skin and long blonde hair to create a naturally stunning look. The lace tank, with its little breast pocket, is bloused over the top of a wide, elastic belt. Flowing out from beneath the belt is a sky blue maxi with a mullet hemline. The suede cowboy booties are very cute, and add a nice touch of style under the sky blue skirt.